Sexy pictures to send your man

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Sometimes that means spending hours trying to get the exact perfect angle. Click a picture of your long, slender legs showing him your sexy side! Even if you're not a mom yet, you might get the impulse to pose with friends' babies and send them to your man. A guy might even feel a sense of pain watching you pull yourself into a pretzel, and your idea of a sexy selfie might not always be the same with him.

Sexy pictures to send your man

However, some girls forget this when they take selfies. Click a picture of your long, slender legs showing him your sexy side! It's just another example of a selfie in which you're trying way too hard. Send him a picture of your lingerie or the hot pants you just bought. And the eyes to the soul are your eyes and your face. But it's actually a false sense of closeness. After a hot shower Click a picture of yourself in a towel right out of the shower. The skinniest girls in the world can look pudgy and weird when they lower their cameras down. Over The Shoulder pinterest. Guys can see quite clearly when a pose seem unnatural, and a back that's arched too far will seem weird and off-putting to them. There's been a huge trend lately of girls posting selfies of themselves as soon as they wake up. Either way, it's never a good idea. This might actually be bad idea, as they could start freaking out about you wanting to have kids before he's ready. Most girls know now that the duck face selfie is a big no no, but some still slip into old habits. It really broadens your horizons. Sharing pictures may seem private. Sometimes yoga poses are a little more cringey than they are sexy. This is one of the most classic sexy poses you could send him and make him drool. Standing While Looking Down pinterest. People who make this face are pretty much crucified on the internet, and there have been some pretty hilarious memes. You might have the most perfect selfie which shows off your curves and body, but it's really nothing if the guy can't see your face. They are hardwired on an evolutionary level to compete with other males for mates, and no amount of civilization, cappuccinos, and indie music is ever going to change that. In a guy's mind, it's just really hard to get turned on when there's a baby in the picture. Show off your legs Lie down on your back, cross your legs and put them facing on the wall. This one would surely make your guy go crazy! And oh, add some naughty words before you hit send! Once again, men really get turned on by girls a little more on the submissive side.

Sexy pictures to send your man

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  1. First of all, it's never a good idea to take photos of yourself from a low angle. It shows good judgment to stop and think about the possible downsides of a situation.

  2. If you think he's more of a refined gentleman, or if you're just not comfortable with going to crazy when it comes to selfies, you can always go with the sexy but simple "over the shoulder" selfie.

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