Nail gun not shooting nails

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Ensure that the piston is not broken or worn — Replace piston Translate: Replace the air hose to a hose with a larger inside diameter larger air delivery capacity if the nailer operates properly but does not drive nails completely when multiple nails are driven quickly. Check for moisture, and examine the oil levels in the compressor motor.

Nail gun not shooting nails

You may need to fire the gun until it is completely depressurized, and be sure never to turn the exit point of the gun towards your face or body. Gun is double firing Make sure your gun is not set on bump fire feature. Has gun been used often with out replacing parts? This happens before you can lift it off of the wood, or remove your finger from the trigger. If you find that you are having problems with your nail gun, then you need to troubleshoot it as quickly as possible, and before you use it to install any nails into a project. If necessary install replacement kit. Check for a jammed nail in the shooting area if the nailer operates but does not shoot nails. The pneumatic nail gun is a regular feature of the home improvement tool kit, but it may malfunction from time to time. Examine the Gun If you have had no joy with the compressor or the hose, you should now examine the gun closely. Keep nailer clean and water free Make sure to drain compressor after each use. If the nail doesn't sink until the head of the nail is flush, turn the rotary knob on the side of the nailer head just above the tip clockwise one full turn, and test the nailer again. Before you begin your troubleshooting, be sure to put on safety glasses and gloves in order to protect yourself. Reduce the air pressure on the air compressor to between 70 and psi pounds per square inch if the nails are driven too deep into the material. What I'm suggesting is that you may not be using your nail gun correctly. You should consider tightening the air pressure, and seeing if this produces a good fire. Parts binding up such as nail feed, nose safety and driver Specific Symptoms and Trouble Shooting Air Leaks Out Nose O ring or other part towards the front of the gun is unseated or damaged and needs replacement. If the gun is particularly tightly jammed, you may have to wrench it out with a pair of pliers, but be sure that the gun is directed away from you before you release the stuck nail. Air hoses are readily available at home improvement stores. Some people keep the trigger pulled and bounce the gun onto the wood. Turn off the compressor, and remove the hose. Depress the tip of the nailer onto the wood to be nailed, and depress the trigger. You may find several nails jammed there if you repeatedly tried to fire the gun. Check the Air Hose This is the device which carries air from the compressor to the end of the gun. Step 5 Increase the air pressure on the air compressor pressure gauge in increments of 5 psi if turning the knob on the nailer doesn't completely sink the nails. Only pull the trigger when you know you're about to set a nail, and are poised above the workpiece.

Nail gun not shooting nails

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  1. Step 3 Insert three drops of nail gun oil into the air connector on the end of the nail gun to lubricate the gun.

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