Forced cruel rough sex stories

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Worse, much, much worse than that, though, there was distinct, undeniable arousal, especially as he sank his unforgiving, unyielding self home within me. At the last minute, I tried to bulldoze past him, but it was like trying to move a friggin' marble statue, and now I was captured in his arms. I blacked out after the first ten minutes…When he finished raping me I managed to crawl back to the house and shower, only to fall exhausted but satisfied on my bed. And he didn't, really, at first, simply using his agile body to cage me back up against the wall, planting his feet wide around me and each palm near a shoulder with a deliberately loud report that made me jump and bang my body against his both times.

Forced cruel rough sex stories

To my surprise he quickly grew iron hard, his cock much larger then the other horses. And making me confront head on the ultimate, humiliating truth I had always suspected, but never really wanted confirmed - at least not to this extent. Until suddenly I found my legs parted again, just as rudely as they had been before, only this time it was his hips that I couldn't close them around as he moved carefully up me, almost as if he was stalking me again, and I could feel the length and strength of him - the raw menace of his enormous cock - being dragged against the insides of my thighs as he marked his territory with a moist trail of pre-cum - and soon I felt that familiar pressure against my entrance. But it definitely wasn't, and what he was doing to it didn't help. Until then, my legs were closed, and at least I had that kind of. I could not help but moan, it felt amazing but I wanted more… Grabbing a bale of hay and a blanket I lay face down on it and moved my strawberry blonde hair aside, guiding my ass to rest just in front of his cock. With or without my consent. I was a small woman. He licked and sucked and lightly bit his way up to my ear, where he whispered in a tone that was entirely too civilized for what he was doing to me, and just that much more terrifying because of it, "Oh, please, do continue fighting me. He was proving to me, in the basest of manners, that it had been his all along. As those sensations began to build, as he pinched then flicked me, rubbing and tapping me, the strength of his body holding me still for his attentions, he looked down at me and I saw pure triumph there that only heightened as he locked his eyes with mine. My mind would probably never be entirely on board, but my body sure was, and I knew we could both feel how I was now practically gushing around him, my clit swelling and aching, my plaintive mewling now almost dissipated to be replaced by throaty moans at every violent jerk of his hips. This was Tom, after all. What the hell are you doing? There was no way he could possibly fit further, but he continued to push in and it felt as though someone was stretching me and that I would burst from the sheer force of his cock. I wanted to snort at that, though. He had me, in every possible way a man could have a woman - bound, beneath him, held open for his penetration, the slickness of my obvious arousal easing his possession of me, my tortured bud manipulated and manhandled until I could feel the inevitable, tingling fringes of the beginning of the end of my sanity. At the last minute, I tried to bulldoze past him, but it was like trying to move a friggin' marble statue, and now I was captured in his arms. She seemed to be enjoying herself and I began to finger my tits through my shirt, feeling them emmediately grow hard as they stuck out through the thin material. Where I didn't want him to be. I can remembering walking the mall shops listening to regular teens talk about their first times, whispering to each other who was fucking who and who had gotten pregnant by which guy. It began to pulse in my hand and Colonel whinnied in pleasure. And there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop him. Deciding to go on the attack, I reached up and grabbed a handful of that glorious hair and yanked for all I was worth, but two tremendous swats to my breasts that left livid red handprints on my otherwise creamy skin had me releasing him in a humiliatingly short amount of time, only to find my own hair grabbed at the base of my skull as he twisted my long braid around his arm and tugged, hard enough to smack the back of my head against the wall, forcing me to arch my neck unnaturally as his lips descended on my vulnerable flesh. I can tell you now, no man fucks as hard as that horse! Letting out a deep, slow sigh, Kelly leaned forward again and tried to refocus on her work.

Forced cruel rough sex stories

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  1. An hour more, maybe two, and she'd be able to get out of here. What I wanted didn't matter.

  2. However the uniform was built for girls, and I was not one. I managed to guilt them enough to buy me a beautiful black Spanish Stallion, they always bought me what I wanted.

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