Financial domination sites

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Your faithful Tithes, willingly placed at her feet, are the foundation of true worship and ownership. If not, she will happily enjoy the pleasure of making you suffer. Well, yes and no.

Financial domination sites

We are meant to work hard in order to earn money, and only spend it because of necessity. Mistresses love to manipulate their slaves, to demand your worship, to trigger that need inside of you, to fan the flames of a burning desire, and watch you beg to offer Tribute. If not, she will happily enjoy the pleasure of making you suffer. Tributes can be sent in real time while both the mistress and slave interact with each other on webcam or by email when the mistress is offline. They may even want a complex relationship where there life gets ruled by their Domme, and everything they do is controlled by their Goddess. While Tithing is a consistent offering sent on a schedule, Tributes are spontaneous offerings used to express your devotion and desire to please your Mistress. No amount of money is worth that amount of a strain on my work ethic. Deirdre Spain for Metro. Well, yes and no. Advertisement Advertisement Financial domination can also take many forms — some slaves want to be slowly driven to ruination, and other just get a kick out of sending tributes. Have they flinched during a spanking? In the modern world money plays one of the biggest roles in our lives, and can give great power to those who control it. Some subs like to be taken from but not given the time of day, preferring to be used and ignored by their Fin Domme, while others may want to be forced to do things which will humiliate them. It is a big status symbol, and the more you have, the higher up you are in society. The reality is that handing money over to a woman you barely know is a risk, and taking risks is a big erotic thrill! Tithing will become such an important part of your worship of your Mistress, that you will impatiently await your payday, so you can experience the satisfaction of laying your next Tithe at her feet. Tributes Tributes are spur of the moment, impulsive offerings as a natural result of the constant building desire and burning need to please your Mistress, and express your adoration for her. Basically, a client wants me to threaten him. So for prospective Findoms aka financial dominatrices and pay pigs alike, here are a few tips you can have for free. Some Findom slaves may enjoy sudden and unexpected demands on their finances which may not always be convenient for them, while others like to have a strong woman in control of their finances, especially if they are normally frugal with how they spend their money. Ultimately there is always some kind of humiliation involved in the Fin Dom relationship, but how much and what type can vary from man to man, and can often change over time. The kick for the sub is that they are eeking out a living eating bread, beans, and the basics to keep the dominant happy. Could this be true? Gifts are offered by slaves to please their Mistress while fulfilling their responsibility as a slave. That goes against what society expects, and that is what makes it a powerful turn on for some men. When I tried this with a client, I spent a month drip feeding a small amount to him day by day. A Mistress will usually provide a list of items she desires, offering her slaves the possibility to earn her attention.

Financial domination sites

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