When you love someone let them go

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Practice forgiveness Now is when you really begin to dig deep and get to the heart of the issue. When his lips touched mine, everything in the world felt right. This is when I knew I truly loved this guy.

When you love someone let them go

This is less a step and more of a critically important prerequisite. Eventually, that band-aid will come off. These comments just scared me more. Now, we have no doubts at all, and we can now grow together forever. After a lot of thinking and crying, I decided I had to let him go. Be present for these feelings so that you maintain clarity. When you can recognize this, the process has started working. The more you do this, the easier it will be to move on. Maybe things could work out this time, if such and such was different. I had never felt such a strong feeling in my life and I knew I could never let this boy go. I was so in love with him that I was scared. Remove phone numbers, discard contact information, pictures, and anything else directly connected with them. For the next 5 years, we stayed in contact as friends, but we both dated other people. I was so comfortable with him in every way possible, and everyone around us would comment about how we were perfect for each other. Over time, the mind has a way of settling itself if you allow it to focus in on the pain. Get to work, pursue a passion , meet new people , or go on an adventure. Ethan Sykes on Unsplash And since the pain you experience from letting go of someone you love can stop you right in your tracks, you need to take action now if you hope to move forward with your life and find happiness elsewhere. Sometimes, you know what happened. Whatever happened has left an internal wound that needs to be sewn up. We were able to mature and experience new things as independent people. At that moment I knew I was going to marry this man, the love of my life. I began to wonder if maybe my high school boyfriend was really the only guy I would ever love. Our first kiss was the following summer. The only way to heal is to be with what is reality and move on, so stop fantasizing. Stop fantasizing Next, stop fantasizing. I was happier than I had been in 6 years, and I never wanted to let go of him.

When you love someone let them go

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