Weirdest court cases involving sex

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To sign up just click the below link. According to an EEOC press release, four female employees accused another female employee as well as a female manager of directing sexual comments, gestures and images at them. Four years ago Jennifer Connell attended the 8th birthday party of her nephew, Sean Tarala. However, when he found out that it was actually brewed in Texas and not Australia, he was furious.

Weirdest court cases involving sex

One high-profile case to recently storm through the blogosphere involves the efforts of pop star Kesha to be released from her contract with Sony Records over claims that she was sexually assaulted and verbally abused by music producer Dr. A woman once tried to sue FedEx for placing a package too close to the front door of her home. Fisher said too that her husband, also a doctor at the hospital, began seeing a decline in his referrals. Some people will do absolutely anything to make a buck. But Lashley contended that after he broke things off with Flynn, she continued to pursue him romantically. Finally, if you just want to speak with an employment lawyer , visit our homepage. The year-old manager says he was stripped of the most exciting bits of his role shortly after being hired by a perfume maker in Paris. Perhaps a noble cause, but a dumb legal argument. Oncale quit his job, and eventually sued. We will send you up-to-date information about wrongful termination , retaliation , overtime , whistleblowing , hostile work environments , and much more. Clerkin meanwhile had been in a years-long physical relationship with a supervisor. But they are kind of funny. Tischler engaged in sexual insults and inappropriate touching. The company also fired male and female employees who complained about the harassment. The less sexy side of this dispute is the stance taken by folks like Wikimedia, that a picture snapped by a monkey is in the public domain. When the relationship ended, the supervisor threatened her. Staff at the centre of learning said the strong pong made it impossible to work. Kirkpatrick actually pointed a gun at the officer — not a toy gun or, say, no gun at all — and received two non-lethal hits. He testified to feeling badly about the relationship and made attempts to avoid his boss. When a gas explosion devastated the East Village, these women saw a potential payday and went for it. Conclusion The above 10 examples are crazy stories from a factual standpoint. In , two teenagers tried to commit suicide after listening to an album by the rock band Judas Priest. She walked down the dangerous road anyway, and she ended up suing Google after she was hit by a car. Board meant that the incarcerated fraudster could appeal his case to The World Court. As if nothing ever happened. In her lawsuit, Fischer alleged Dr. In the German strip club owner, then 77, had his advances rejected by Katharina Weiss, 19, despite plying her with champagne in a bid to seduce her.

Weirdest court cases involving sex

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  1. According to an article in the Pacific Standard, Wolfe took exception to Woods making an off-hand comment to coworkers about preferring pre-moistened antibacterial wipes to toilet paper. We promise not to spam you.

  2. A woman named Laura Rosenberg used Google Maps to find a safe pedestrian walkway, but the app ended up leading her to a four-lane highway. The lawsuit this time?

  3. We should afford inmates every opportunity to vindicate their rights, no matter how frivolous the claim because every now and again the inmate is the one in the right. She said it was their responsibility to deal with the problem of the gulls, which became aggressive when their chicks were born.

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