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I'm a guy with no kids in a tiny NY one-bedroom apt though, so needs are minimal. That person, in my definition of death, is alive. I'm feeling around trying to figure out where the trees are. To me, it's getting that concept deep into someone's psyche — not just into their understanding, but into their intuition. In sum, start with:


The way we define death is: He wants to fire up the masses about something he knows they would care about if they just understood it. Lastly, when presenting a complex topic, adhere to a few rules of thumb: So the complex part isn't that. Our brains want ones and zeros. He tries to explain it immediately and address any other early confusion points. It's a website, so there are always upsetting glitches coming out of nowhere and occasionally, we add a new site feature. The shortest distance through any landscape is typically as the crow flies. It's been a total game-changer. Urban has observed that it often takes him the same amount of time to disentangle a difficult idea. To remember them is to recall the entire concept. In this exclusive interview, Urban shares how he distills and presents complex ideas so they're rich and resonant for others: Is it me or a a storytelling character? Your brain locks in because it's being delighted and it's gonna replay the funny or riveting moments again and again. This type of complexity is backloaded. Patreon now supports both me and our new, full-time Manager of Lots of Things, Alicia. You can stick onto that foundation that you've built. Here are the questions to ask: With those pieces covered, WBW can support itself. I'm feeling around trying to figure out where the trees are. I get bored if things get too technical, but I get very excited about having a fundamental understanding of something. What's the game you're playing? Pinpoint where on a scale the recipient of your explanation falls: A paragraph would have been much harder for most people to absorb the magnitude of the idea. It's the spirit of loving life that makes you want life extension. That's why it takes me forever. This could include a part of the site where readers can post their own Dinner Table-type questions and interact with each other even more.


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