Validating xml against schematron

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In order to define a schema, Oxygen offers you a Schematron editor. For example, we may select all house nodes within a document using the expression: Additional details on these elements can be found in [Jelliffe] and [Zvon]. Assertions from an abstract rule obtain their context from the importing rule.

Validating xml against schematron

It takes a Schematron schema definition in XML that describes the constraints. Constraints may be viewed as hypotheses which are tested against the available data Automatic creation of external markup through the detection of patterns in data, and generation of links Use as a schema language for "hard" markup languages such as RDF. These check that a roof has been put on, and that the house now has an owner. Schematron validation rules allow the author to specify a helpful error message which will be provided to the user if an error is encountered. Knowing the structure of an XML document saves the developer from writing unnecessary conditional application logic. The only difference is that assert elements are instantiated if the XPath expressions evaluates to false, while the report elements are instantiated if it evaluates to true. For example, we may select all house nodes within a document using the expression: This is essentially how Schematron works. By default all patterns within a schema are active, e. Jump-to-error functionality to locate error positions quickly. When supplied the path attribute should contain an XPath expression referencing an alternate element. A rule can also have a key element which provides a mechanism for defining cross references between parts of a document analogous to the key element in XSLT. If the validation Schematron schema has phases defined, a phase chooser dialog is displayed for you to select the right phase to validate with. The namespace URI for the elements used by the Schematron assertion language is http: Every match of a context node can be considered a discrete constraint. One can embed Schematron pattern elements within these extension blocks, which can then be applied as part of the schema validation process. It is worth noting that there is a trade-off to be made when defining tests on these elements. The assert element provides a mechanism for testing whether a statement that is, an assertion about an element's content model is true. A report is used to highlight features of the underlying data: They define the roles and structure of XML elements. The test attribute of this element contains an XPath expression. Below is an example of the report element: An example of an incorrect schema is given below. Let's consider selected portions of the "Structural Validation" pattern inside the RSS Schematron which can be downloaded. You get a comprehensive list of valid or invalid XML documents quickly. For example, if the value of the status attribute is available then the element should have an uptime child element; otherwise it should have a downtime child element.

Validating xml against schematron

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  1. Open any XML input in the editor. More formally, the nodes and arcs within a graph of data can be traversed to both identify nodes, and then make assertions about the relationships of those nodes to others within the same graph.

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