Tongue piercing and oral sex

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Takes approximately 2 months to heal. No matter what you eat, eat carefully, taking small bites and chewing slowly so as not to irritate your new tongue piercing. It's best to avoid smoking altogether during the tongue piercing healing process, but if you can't give it up entirely, consider trying an e-cigarette to at least replace irritating smoke with water-based vapor.

Tongue piercing and oral sex

If this happens, try drinking something hot to loosen it up, and see if you can ease your jewelry back into the piercing. If you do remove your tongue ring, make sure to keep up with your sea salt mouthwash swishes as the fistula closes. If you notice that the area is infected or constantly sore, then don't engage in any form of sexual contact until it heals. Can I change the jewelry myself? If you need help navigating the forum and gallery systems, read our How to Use the Forum and How to Use the Gallery articles. Although it doesn't taste all that great, hydrogen peroxide will do in a pinch if you dilute it per the bottle's instructions for use as an antiseptic mouthwash. During this time, try not to eat anything that further irritates the area, such as solid, tough, crunchy, or hot spicy or in temperature foods. And while there are still pending arguments on whether or not pierced tongues provide that awesome sensation that many people swear by, it's up to each individual to decide. However, if you do encounter any resistance when attempting to stretch your tongue piercing, you may want to try drinking something hot first, just make sure not to leave the piercing empty as it can tighten up after just ten or twenty minutes. Kull Before you get your tongue pierced, educate yourself about the pros and cons of doing so. If you normally use an alcohol-based mouthwash like Listerine, switch to a gentle, breath-freshening, non-alcoholic alternative like Recovery Oral Piercing Aftercare during the tongue piercing healing process. Do I have to buy a whole new barbell after healing? Although those who enjoy getting pierced sometimes do so for reasons other than sexual enhancement, there are still others who get pierced for this very reason. You may want to get a new tongue ring that's a little shorter than your starter one, since starter tongue barbells tend to be extra long to allow room for swelling and may be uncomfortable to wear long-term. Prevent that from happening by keeping your mouth clean. Can I damage my teeth or gums? If you can tolerate a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like IBProfen, take some; just don't take aspirin in the early days after getting your tongue pierced to avoid thinning your blood and causing excess bleeding. Prone to infection because most men tend to sweat in this particular area, which aggravates infection. Try to leave your piercing alone as much as possible. And yes, I'm sorry, this one's for her pleasure only. You still need to brush your teeth and floss regularly; you just have to go about it more carefully than you did before getting your tongue pierced. During the time that a tongue piercing is healing, you could be at increased risk for HIV infection when performing oral sex on a partner. Continue your regular oral hygiene routine as your tongue piercing heals, but be gentle. Sucking too hard on a real cigarette or cigar, an e-cigarette or even a straw can dislodge blood clots that have formed in your fistula and make your tongue piercing bleed. Downsizing your jewelry when healed can help minimize its visibility as well. You should do the same if you cave and smoke a real cigarette or cigar at any point during the tongue piercing healing process.

Tongue piercing and oral sex

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