The sex discrimination acts 1975 and 1986

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Hypothetical Example Lou is a Year 12 student who is pregnant. Hypothetical Example Claire and two male friends plan a night out at a local night club. You can also contact the Commission for advice. Dismissal on the basis of family responsibilities is also unlawful under the Sex Discrimination Act.

The sex discrimination acts 1975 and 1986

This exception does not allow discrimination in the coaching, umpiring or administration of the sport, any prescribed sporting activity, or sporting activities involving children under Whether or not your sporting organisation is a 'voluntary body' or a 'club' is relevant with regards to whether the organisation can discriminate in the admission of members or the provision of facilities and services. Whether you are single, married, divorced or in a de facto relationship, marital status is irrelevant to how well you can do the job. This is an example of discrimination on the ground of potential pregnancy. Hypothetical sExample Emma is a young mother with an month-old child looking for a house or flat to rent. It is unlawful for an educational institution to: You need to write about what happened, providing details about when, where, who was involved and anything else you think may be relevant. She had been employed with the club for over 18 months when she informed her supervisor that she was pregnant. These amendments are an encouraging step forward to achieving gender equality in Australia. If you are working as an apprentice or trainee, and become pregnant, you have a right to remain at work and continue your studies. These changes have significantly strengthened the Sex Discrimination Act, and are an important step forward in ensuring that all members of the Australia community are not discriminated against due to their sex, and in promoting gender equality. When Catherine refuses he tells her that he finds her very attractive, and blocks her against a wall and tries to kiss her. At any time you can lodge a written complaint with the Commission. It is your legal right to continue your education if you are pregnant. Hypothetical Example Sandra applied for a part-time position at a local bakery. However, a complaint of sex discrimination could be made against the educational institution in these circumstances. The Principal noted if she didn't leave certain restrictions would have to be put in place, for example she could no longer wear the school uniform, and she would not be permitted to attend school functions such as Speech Day. You can also contact the Commission for advice. Sometimes industries that are male dominated can be particularly challenging for young women. If the harasser is under 16 A complaint of sexual harassment cannot be made directly against the individual harasser if the person is under 16 years of age. This may involve speaking with your coach or other official. Access to sporting teams and the provision of sporting facilities are covered under several sections of the Sex Discrimination Act. Her supervisor asked her when she intended to stop working and commented "it doesn't look very nice with you doing table service while you are pregnant". Hypothetical Example Ann was employed in a small recreational club to carry out bar work and table service. Dismissal on the basis of family responsibilities is also unlawful under the Sex Discrimination Act. Pay inequity can be a complex issue, and is one of the more subtle forms of sex discrimination. To discriminate against someone because they have the potential to become pregnant is also against the law under the Sex Discrimination Act.

The sex discrimination acts 1975 and 1986

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