Should i tell her husband she cheated on him

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But bitter people are vengeful. If they come back with a disease, then DO go forward and tell the other spouse. I have a point of view that I believe will help people, even if it makes them uncomfortable sometimes.

Should i tell her husband she cheated on him

He begged me not to, and said that I should give him one more chance to prove his innocence. At first I made the excuse that he was helping her through a hard time, because she had told my ex that she was having issues in her marriage. You have three choices: I went to visit my best friend, and, when I left her house, I noticed his car on the road. It has been over a month now. He is a great guy who deserves to know about the affair and make a choice either to forgive or end the marriage. Revenge is a selfish emotion. Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. For some reason, that made me want to tell her ex husband. But her husband obviously has no idea this is happening. It was done out of vengence and to keep your husband away from his wife, more than likely. But yes, when we do things out of emotion, we often can go very much astray and put ourselves at great risk. Most who blog on the subject will end up divorced. But I have not told him. So should I explain to the husband the situation? In some ways it bothers me that something done out of anger could bring someone what they prayed for… Idk… But this conversaton truly helped my healing process because I needed to know the truth about the timelline of his marriage ending and lies the AP told my husband and me. From the tone of your letter, the first two options are not palatable. People need to hear our POV on things in response to the overwhelming information put out by Betrayeds everywhere. I never even considered telling him. I just found out. As I said, this blog entry was not for them. I told Eric I was going to talk to the husband. But bitter people are vengeful. SO why bother debating? He was a serial cheating sex addict, and based on her behavior she could have been, too. I am going to edit the blog to include that. I have fantasies of revenge on many people for various infractions against me in my life.

Should i tell her husband she cheated on him

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  1. That night, he stopped texting me at 9, which is when I assume they met up, as she worked until 8:

  2. Last Monday I said again that I was going to the husband, and within two days my co-worker messaged me, telling me some dumb stuff about how she is disgusted I could think so little of her. NOT acting on impulses and emotions.

  3. I tend to not comment on their blogs on purpose, even if I sometimes read because it generates ideas for me here. SO why bother debating?

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