Sex big brother sweden 2006

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Red button[ edit ] The seventh Argentine series incorporated a red button into the Confession Room, which would sound an alarm throughout the house. Housemates competing in another country[ edit ] There were occasions that a former housemate from one franchise participated and competed in a different franchise: Most valuable player[ edit ] The fifteenth US season allowed viewers to vote for a house guest to be made M. In the second week Eva Pederson, single mother of four, walked as well which was resulting in only seven housemates being eligible for the first nomination and two replacements making their way into the house before the very first official eviction.

Sex big brother sweden 2006

Twists involving single franchises[ edit ] Multiple areas and houses[ edit ] In , Big Brother 3 of the Netherlands introduced the "Rich and Poor" concept, wherein the house is separated into a luxurious half and a poor half and two teams of housemates compete for a place in the luxurious half. The twelfth US season featured a saboteur, who entered the house to wreak havoc with tasks suggested by viewers. The Glass House was reused in the eleventh season , featuring five evicted housemates competing for a chance to join the house again, and in the thirteenth season , with six potential housemates competing for two places in the main house. In —12, the seventh Argentine series added La Casa de al Lado "The House Next Door" , a smaller, more luxurious house which served multiple functions. Double Trouble", contestants entered the house tied up in pairs by the waist. Each of which received PHP1,, If nobody picked up the call, the whole house would be nominated for eviction. The second week, two pairs of twins competed in the same fashion, with only one pair allowed in. This was an important issue for most earlier series of the show. The same twist was used in the fourth Bulgarian series , and an all-male premiere was used on Big Brother Africa 4. Other versions later followed and introduced a similar concept, of which some have their own twists: During their stay in the house, contestants are continuously monitored by live television cameras as well as personal audio microphones. Format changes and twists[ edit ] Locations of Big Brother versions: Some more recent editions have since included additional methods of voting, such as voting through social media and smartphone applications. Bigg Boss 8 India ended with a twist, where the top five contestants were crowned 'champions'. In the tenth Australian season , Benjamin Zabel was fake-evicted for 24 hours before being returned to the house with immunity from eviction for that week. Multiple heads of household[ edit ] The sixteenth US season and seventeenth US season featured two Heads of Household every week and had four house guests nominated for eviction. International expansion[ edit ] The format has become an international TV franchise. On the other hand, some countries have multiple franchises based on language. The 13th US season introduced Dynamic Duos, where contestants formed pairs that would be nominated together; the nominee not evicted would be immune from further nomination until the final 10 when pairs were dissolved. In the sixteenth Brazilian series , Ana Paula Renault was similarly fake-evicted, put into a small private apartment, and returned after 48 hours with immunity from eviction that week. A common opening twist is to only introduce cast of a single sex on the premiere of the show while having members of the opposite sex introduced over the next few days. Pairs competitions[ edit ] During the tenth week of the seventh UK series , the housemates were paired with their "best friend" in the house and had to nominate and face eviction as couples. Twin or triplet housemates[ edit ] In , the fifth US season introduced twins who were tasked with secretly switching back and forth in the house; they were allowed to play the game as individual house guests after succeeding at the deception for five weeks. In the first Turkish series , there is a fake eviction in week

Sex big brother sweden 2006

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  1. Synopsis[ edit ] In the show, contestants called "housemates" or "HouseGuests" live together in a specially-constructed house that is isolated from the outside world.

  2. Reserve house mates[ edit ] The fourth Philippine season introduced reserved housemates, short-listed auditioners who were given a chance to be a housemate by completing tasks assigned by Big Brother. It was repeated in the tenth US season for a week.

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