Scared of confrontation

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So, with this in mind, let's look at the first rule of good confrontation practice. More Identify the source of your fear. We can and should cut others some slack. There are many kind—and assertive—ways to speak up and express your opinion, and doing so might improve the situation more than you ever imagined. The key is this:

Scared of confrontation

It helps to know why you dread it Family therapist Wendy Hill maintains that most people with such dread actually fear rejection, and that this often can be traced back to childhood, where rejection is seen as a threat to survival. Most confrontations do not lead to shouting and violence, and your attempt to approach others with consideration and calmness will help. What is it about confrontation that can make us so uneasy? What the problem is How you feel about it What you want An example with a co-worker could be: The best way to keep calm is to rehearse not just what you're going to say, but also how you're going to feel. If you've lost your cool with someone, they may not completely unreasonably refuse to have any discussion with you in future. None of that stuff actually means anything. Reframe old thoughts about confrontation. Start small and see what happens. She looked at me scornfully as if to say: You don't need to wade in immediately unless they absolutely refuse to 'book a time with you'. Confront with grace Perhaps you have little experience with calm but firm confrontation. When we continually sidestep squabbles or the potential for them , we silence our deepest thoughts and feelings; we silence ourselves. In fact, you might find that others welcome your input and agree to create positive change. That self-imposed gag order sabotages our personal power. But automatically assuming other people have your standards and values is a mistake: Stunned silence, dropped jaw mine too , tears not mine. So, with this in mind, let's look at the first rule of good confrontation practice. Be kind, be direct, and use "I" statements. Deep breathing will help calm those symptoms. Reasons people fear confrontation Charley Reid from LovePanky. Being clear in your own mind makes it easier to be clear with others when they cross that line. What do I know about the other person? To help keep the confrontation calm and fair, Butler also counsels you to: I thought I had no particular fear of confrontation, but with her I wasn't so sure. You can identify the source of your fear and learn how to confront others with courtesy and with less anxiety. More Identify the source of your fear.

Scared of confrontation

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  1. So stop seeing conflict as a sin, or a sign of impending doom, and learn to embrace it! What could he or she want, and what are his or her fears?

  2. Express your feelings without any added value judgments. Your relationships might improve, your problems might get solved, or you might become happier.

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