Reasons why people do premarital sex

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Psychological Impact of Premarital Sex: Couples that have had premarital sex often find that the regularity takes a dip after they get married. When it comes to the impacts of premarital sex on our expectations of marital sex- packing less baggage is always best. He may cry foul. Why spoil your entire honeymoon?

Reasons why people do premarital sex

They love hearing a lady moaning their names in the feelings of pain and pleasure. It puts the flesh and hormones in control of your life—you are more than a chemical reaction that seeks gratification. My hope is that the more we know, the better we will choose to do. It destroys trust—the best way to have trust in a marriage is to stay pure before you get married. With the rapid development of society, teenagers that lack sex education tend to engage much in premarital sex due to their curiosity or the negative models provided by the media. It prevents you from having the most fulfilling sexual relationship—while a person is sleeping around, they are NOT preparing for the wonderful lifetime relationship that God intended. For most women the first time is not enjoyable and it is something to be done with sooner rather than later. International Family Planning Perspective, 29 4 , Why should you thus keep yourself from it if the same people that admonishes you are doing it or did it secretly in any way? In this case you can get help for it before you get married. The truth of the matter is that sex is both a physically and psychologically binding act. Program implications for India. It is better not to wait because we all have certain things that stimulates us sexually — be it innocent or strange. It is disappointing at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels—the only physical intimacy that exceeds expectations is that founded on long-term commitment and marital growth. Outside of that, fornication just breaks the heart and wounds the soul. They begin thinking how their actors will kill the unseen bosses at the end of the movie. It cannot be done safely—no matter what culture says—safe sex is one man, one woman, committed in marriage, for the rest of their lives. In her mind, what we meant when we talked about sex was the obvious: Obeying His plan is always right and always blessed. There HAS to be- because according to most recent statistics on unmarried Christians having sex- those one-dimensional fears are no longer holding anyone back. What about all the grey areas. In many cases, sex outside of marriage is an instrument that is used to cover relational flaws instead of dealing with them. Yet another opinion is that there are no big or small sins — sin is sin. You are going to get married for the right reasons and not because your hormones are going wild. Inside of those boundaries, the sexual relationship is a gift that blesses a couple and a family abundantly.

Reasons why people do premarital sex

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