Quiz which sex and the city character

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Hoarding advertising 26Would You Rather Or do you much prefer to be dainty and small so that you can feel protected by any and everyone? While Carrie Bradshaw was undoubtedly the main star of the show, the three other cast members were integral to the storyline and the dynamic of all the relationships.

Quiz which sex and the city character

Be very tall, or very short? A picnic followed by a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. Home-Cooked advertising 30Would You Rather Overdressed Underdressed 15Would You Rather Or do you find eating out more appealing? Perhaps you have always believed you are more like Carrie Bradshaw than the other three ladies, but when faced with moral dilemmas about telling the truth in relationships or saving money, you may actually be more like Samantha Jones. Fly first class once, or fly economy 3 times? Perhaps you can understand this question as quality over quantity, or maybe travelling in general excites you enough. A glitzy show on Broadway followed by some witty banter over ice-cream sundaes. For others, the thought of living in one place forever may feel too suffocating. Foreign Cities advertising 28Would You Rather You like him, but you don't want a guy with baggage. If you don't have a boyfriend, which is highly unlikely, I'd like to get to know you better. Would you feel better owning 10 pairs of similar pants, or 1 pair of good pants? Have to attend every party you're invited to regardless of whether or not you have plans, or never go to another party ever again? Are you passionate enough about something to want to do it everyday, or would you much prefer to lead a life of luxury and live day to day deciding how to treat yourself? Be in a serious relationship and have no friends, or have lots of friends and never be in a serious relationship? Others would much prefer to stay comfortable while working a job they love. Going back to work. Or would you prefer to never have to spend money clothes again? It's either you or her. Is having fun more important to you than considering life's more serious aspects? There's a Prince Charming for everyone, and if you're lucky, you'll find him sooner rather than later. Romantic love, or strong platonic friendships? Do you see a relationship as "us against the world," or are the opinions of your family and your partners family extremely important to you? Be constantly gossiped about, or have no one pay you any attention ever? Or being hurt by someone you love?

Quiz which sex and the city character

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  1. Who would you get along with best? She can have his heart, all you want is his body anyway.

  2. With Sex and the City having a huge focus on fashion, it shouldn't be surprising that they featured a plethora of designer handbags throughout the six season it was on the air. Have your boyfriends parents hate you, or have your parents hate your boyfriend?

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