Plural of princess

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Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway. Holy Roman Empire[ edit ] The title of Archduke or Archduchess of Austria was known to be complemented with the style of Royal Highness to all non-reigning of the members of the House of Habsburg and later the House of Habsburg-Lorraine. Princess Elisabeth of Denmark.

Plural of princess

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Origin[ edit ] By the 17th century, all local rulers in Italy adopted the style Highness , that was once used by kings and emperors only. January Diana, Princess of Wales in In the British monarchy the style of Royal Highness is associated with the rank of prince or princess although this has not always applied, the notable exception being Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh , who was given the style in but was not formally created a British prince until Even though the Habsburgs held the Imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire , it was nominally an elective office that could not be hereditarily transmitted, so the non-reigning family members took their style from them being members of the hereditary Royal family of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, etc. However, some traditional leaders and their family members use royal styles when acting in their official roles as representatives of sovereign or constituent states , distinguishing their status from others who may use or claim traditional titles. In the United Kingdom , letters patent dated 21 August stated that the wife of a member of the royal family loses the right to the style of HRH in the event of their divorce. Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway. For example, the Nigerian traditional rulers of the Yoruba are usually styled using the HRH The X of Y method, even though they are confusingly known as kings in English and not the princes that the HRH style usually suggests. In December , Queen Elizabeth II issued a Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Realm declaring "all the children of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales should have and enjoy the style, title and attribute of royal highness with the titular dignity of Prince or Princess prefixed to their Christian names or with such other titles of honour". Norway[ edit ] In Norway the style of Royal Highness is reserved for the children of the monarch and the eldest child of the heir apparent. This is especially important when a prince has another title such as Duke or a princess the title of Duchess by which he or she would usually be addressed. The heir apparent to the throne. He or She whose words are beyond question is likewise used as the equivalent of the HRH and other such styles by this class of royalty when rendering their full titles in the Yoruba language. According to letters patent issued by King George V in the sons and daughters of sovereigns and the male-line grandchildren of sovereigns are entitled to the style. Queen Elizabeth II changed this in prior to the birth of Prince George of Cambridge so that all the children of the oldest living son of the Prince of Wales would bear the style. Thus, the first use of the style Royal Highness was recorded in Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. That is the case for example of the children of Princess Margriet, younger daughter of the late Queen Juliana. Christopher O'Neill kept his own name, unlike his brother-in-law Prince Daniel above. The titles of family members of non-hereditary rulers e. The legitimate children of the heir apparent. If Harry were to have children while his grandmother still lives, they would simply be styled as the sons and daughters of a Duke and would not be entitled to the style Royal Highness. After dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in , several of Germany's prince-electors and other now sovereign rulers assumed the title of grand duke and with it, for themselves, their eldest sons and consorts, the style of Royal Highness Baden, Hesse, Mecklenburg, Saxe-Weimar. There is no mention of younger living sons of a Prince of Wales, however, in , Prince Harry was married to Meghan Markle and they were awarded Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Under his letters patent, only the oldest son of the oldest living son of the Prince of Wales was also entitled to the style but not younger sons or daughters of the oldest living son of the Prince of Wales. Furthermore, the wives of the king of the Zulu peoples , although all entitled to the title of queen, do not share their husband's style of Majesty but instead are each addressed as Royal Highness, with the possible exception of the great wife. This returned it to the format Queen Victoria had instituted in

Plural of princess

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