Pain in lower belly during sex

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It may be accompanied by aches in the back and legs, feelings of nausea, and headaches. If you have eczema as a result of allergy or irritation contact dermatitis , you and your doctor will need to identify what may be causing the problem and remove it. Lifestyle changes are usually tried first. Examples include oral contraceptives, some antidepressants and some medicines for treating high blood pressure. Occasional dyspareunia is normal, with deep penetration for example.

Pain in lower belly during sex

The lower right portion of the abdomen contains a part of the colon, and the right ovary in women. Many symptoms of dyspareunia are non-specific, which means they may be caused by a number of different conditions not all of which are included in this factsheet. Indigestion Pain can be felt in the lower abdomen region as a result of indigestion , which can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as heartburn and flatulence. If you are worried about this, talk to your doctor as alternatives may be available. Intestinal gas When food is not digested properly, gas can build up in the intestines. More about the causes and how they are treated Skin conditions If you are allergic to something that touches your skin, you may get localised symptoms e. If this is the case, you may benefit from sex therapy see the following section on this. The abdomen is the area between the chest and the pelvis. The infection often chlamydia is usually transmitted during sex. If your doctor is not confident in diagnosing or treating you, or they think you require more tests, they may refer you to a gynaecologist or other specialist at your local hospital. Remember that using a condom can reduce your risk of catching an STI. You may also need an internal examination of the inside of your vagina. Surgery may be required as a last resort. Some of these are severe and require immediate medical attention, so it is important to know the differences. Vaginal dryness is common during and after the menopause due to reduced levels of the hormone oestrogen. Thyroid problems resulting in high or low levels of the hormone thyroxine have also been associated with lubrication problems. Menstrual cramps Women can experience abdominal pain before or during their period. It contains vital organs involved in digestion, such as the intestines and the liver. If your partner has thrush, they will need to be treated too. Dyspareunia may be classed as superficial felt in the tissues around the entrance of the vagina or deep felt deeper within the pelvis on penile thrusting , depending on the site of the pain. They may apply pressure to certain areas to see where you feel the pain. What are the causes? Pain felt during or after sex is known as dyspareunia pronounced dys- par- eu- nia. Your doctor can test your urine to see if you have an infection. Indigestion is easily managed with over-the-counter medication but may require medical attention if symptoms last for more than 2 weeks. These products are available on prescription or over-the-counter at the pharmacy.

Pain in lower belly during sex

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