Outhouse poetry

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With quickened step she entered there But only stayed a minute, Until she screamed, just like a snake Or spider might be in it. If you don't know what a Outhouse is - ask someone a little older The service station trade was slow The owner sat around, With sharpened knife and cedar stick Piled shavings on the ground. Later Sarah confessed that when she saw the dress, all she could think about was Billy Collins' provocative poem, "Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes.

Outhouse poetry

The flat's all fixed -Advertisement- And the last two lines were a real humdinger! My official shift ended, but I stayed. I knew the hole on which he sat--'twas padded all around, And once I dared to sit there--'twas all too wide I found, My loins were all too little, and I jack-knifed there to stay, They had to come and get me out, or I'd have passed away, Then father said ambition was a thing that boys should shun, And I just used the children's hole 'til childhood days were done. Fighting sore muscles from sitting too long, we decided to move from Dickinson's dining room and read standing up -- first in the family's parlor, then the kitchen, the scullery and finally Dickinson's bedroom -- a ghostly dark space with only the sound of cold rain hitting the windows. While traveling in western Arkansas, we stopped out in the country at a filling station which had a little old outhouse out back. A speaking system he'd devised To make the thing complete, He tied a speaker on the wall Beneath the toilet seat. Again, back then Riley could have disclaimed the poem because, for the times, he decided it was too vulgar and not in keeping with his style. It was just after midnight. As always, the visitors to this site have unsurpassed knowledge. Cold rain and metaphor. Hundreds of letters came pouring in from early settlers and their children, many now in their 80s and 90s, and from grandchildren of settlers, all with tales to tell. In some of the Riley records prepared by his lawyers, Riley stated that he did not write that Backhouse poem!! Here is what they had to say She tripped and fell - got up, and then In obvious disgust, Ran to the car, stepped on the gas, And faded in the dust. When summer bloom began to fade and winter to carouse, We bank the little building with a heap of hemlock boughs. It Makes You a Little Crazy. Its architecture was a type of simple classic art. From 9 am Saturday until 4: Later Sarah confessed that when she saw the dress, all she could think about was Billy Collins' provocative poem, "Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes. Shirley Willard, president Fulton Co. I have the copyright and can prove that James Whitcomb Riley did not write the passing of the Backhouse or the ode to the Outhouse - same poem but shorter. W e had our posey garden that the women loved so well, I loved it, too, but better still I loved the stronger smell That filled the evening breezes so full of homely cheer, And told the night-o'ertaken tramp that human life was near, On lazy August afternoons, it made a little bower Delightful, where my grandsire sat and whiled away an hour. And oft the passing traveler drove slow, and heaved a sigh, To see the modest hired girl slip out with glances shy. The torture of the icy seat would make a Spartan sob, For needs must scrape the flesh with a lacerating cob, That from a frost-encrusted nail, was suspended by a string-- My father was a frugal man and wasted not a thing. Then father took a flaming pole--that was a happy day-- He nearly burned the building up, but the hornets left to stay. With quickened step she entered there But only stayed a minute, Until she screamed, just like a snake Or spider might be in it. Family traveling stops at country store and uses a poetic outhouse.

Outhouse poetry

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  1. The pages have a few typo corrections in ink. I had come prepared with plenty of coffee, amused that among the poems I was scheduled to read was Dickinson's great outhouse poem, "Alone and in a Circumstance.

  2. I took the readers' graveyard shift and reported for duty at Dickinson's stately home on Main Street at 11 Saturday night.

  3. Here is yet another comment sent to me in April disputing the above comment. We did our duties promptly, there one purpose swayed the mind; We tarried not, nor lingered long on what we left behind.

  4. During the few minutes I tarried there, I read a verse someone had carefully written on the wall, almost like a note telling later occupants why the writer happened to be there. By 4 am, when the last poem was being read, we were startled to hear the sound of the outside kitchen door swinging open.

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