Oral sex within a christian marriage

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Do you think oral sex is okay? Conservative Christian marriage counselors Dr. You can explore each other.

Oral sex within a christian marriage

Each has not only the freedom but also the responsibility to please the other and to be pleased in return. What makes it difficult is the fact that the Bible nowhere says what is allowed or disallowed sexually between a husband and wife, other than, of course, any sexual activity that involves another person swapping, threesomes, etc. Get instant access to: In their minds, there is only only one biblical form of sexual expression in marriage, sexual intercourse. Have You Signed Up Yet? What does the Bible say about oral sex? What does the Bible say? In God's view there is a mutuality of experience between husband and wife. I know this sounds so crazy, but I am about to go out of my mind needing to know the answers to this question! Whatever is done, it should be fully agreed on between the husband and his wife. If that is the case, then I want to challenge you to really address that and talk with a professional—a counselor or a sex therapist that can help you overcome your past. Follow that goal, and you are not likely to go wrong. Thank you for your time and answer. Serious students of the Bible and archaeology know that the kind of things that were going on at Sodom were done by extremely ungodly people, expressing enormous selfishness, total lack of love, extreme spiritual depravity, and major rebellion against God. If one spouse is not open to it, then it is not okay to push that on her or on him. To the contrary, there was a total lack of godly, loving, heterosexual marriage partners in Sodom save Lot and his wife. Perhaps you have heard some one claim that oral lovemaking in marriage as wrong by associating it with the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. We've got some powerful free online courses you can sign up for today! If that is the only reason, because your parents or because someone else said that oral sex is wrong, really explore it for yourself. We are aware that some have tried to make a biblical issue out of what parts of the body a married couple can and cannot kiss. We shall not name the many gross and demonically inspired evils that probably took place among the wicked there. But I just have to hear it from a female. Conservative Christian marriage counselors Dr. As married couples, we should be the most open with one another. So, there is nothing wrong with it. We have two boys coming up and I want them to have the best life possible in the Lord………these questions are just not talked about enough! And part of that is oral sex.

Oral sex within a christian marriage

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  1. You can explore each other. It is quite clear that Sodom's problems had nothing to do with how godly, loving marriage partners were expressing their affection for each other.

  2. And part of that is oral sex. One cannot be sure what this means exactly, but certainly we see no evidence here or elsewhere that God is concerned with what part of their bodies might be touching, including where they kissed their mate.

  3. However, no where do we see Scripture putting such limits on the sexual relationship of a godly husband and wife, even Levitical priests who were forbidden to do many things. It seems to be speaking of the lovers tasting, eating and drinking of each other's bodies Song of Songs 2:

  4. To the contrary, there was a total lack of godly, loving, heterosexual marriage partners in Sodom save Lot and his wife. The husband's body now belongs to the wife.

  5. Which, by the way, equates to more passion and more fun in the bedroom—and that is what the bedroom should be.

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