Nuns have sex before entering the convent

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God is so good! It began as such, a means to an end, that of earning a Ph. Understanding the root cause of these conditions appears to have evaded both Sister and Superiors. By entering religious life they thought they could devote themselves to a higher standard, because women they saw at home were not honored, and nuns were.

Nuns have sex before entering the convent

She echoes your point about how celibate and married people deal with desire not being all that different. Personal friendships were strictly prohibited and any interaction on a one-to-one basis was denied. If participating at all, then it was on a modified version of their own choosing and with a great deal of their own variations. Poverty, Chastity and Obedience are the three vows taken. Many spoke of the safe haven the convent provided for them. Julie, I just came across with your blog a few days ago and i find it very informative. They told me that they would have joined the Peace Corps had it been available to them. The average stay for this group was 13 years. STherese August 17, at 9: The very anchor that was holding them to religious life began to slip. Finally, she will petition to make her "perpetual profession", taking permanent, solemn vows. The nuns rarely leave except for medical necessity, or occasionally for purposes related to their contemplative life though they may have visitors in specially built parlors that allow them to meet with outsiders. I have come to believe that God was so jealous of my vocation that He was very selective of whom he sent my way! Those women who had same sex relationships, also avoided genital contact. Join the giving team! Many expressed concerns that the Catholic Church remains exclusively male driven with only a minor role for women within its structure. All of those practicing Catholics had some degree of concern about the organization of current Church practices. When I met this woman I was at the point of choosing my doctoral topic. In some sense it is a phenomenon best described by Wendy when she said: In fact, this was the universal reason for leaving. In some way the opposite message was somehow given, and it left the women feeling confused and guilty. They fulfilled their sexual needs with kissing, cuddling and breast play. She found the nuns to be far more sexually open and avant-garde than the general populace at that workshop. Very often the result is rebellion or a childlike, blind obedience. Eugene Kennedy, a former priest.

Nuns have sex before entering the convent

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  1. How those people honor their sexuality would be the topic of another dissertation. Macrina March 26, at 1:

  2. The group who were sexual within the convent, but left in order to be fully, i. With very few exceptions they had only positive things to say about their Sisters and their communities.

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