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Arch your back, and rock back and forth as you let your hands wander. Try giving your nipples a slight twist or pull to see what gives you the most pleasure. Applying warming oils and lotions all over your breasts may enhance arousal during nipple play.


In between massaging and squeezing, trace your areola without touching your nipples. Trying viewing it as drawn out foreplay, with the added potential bonus of an orgasm. Take long, deep breaths to help you relax and get out of your head and into your body. You can wear the clamps loosely for a little bit of fun or tighten them to apply pressure and intensify arousal. Clamps, whether vibrating or not, can tease and titillate your nipples by giving you versatility. How do you have one? A big part of having a nipple orgasm is about your mental state. Use your fingers and hands to stroke your belly, then move on to your rib cage, and then around and in between your breasts. Play with your nipples and rub your body to create waves of orgasmic pleasure that ripple through your body. And there are so many ways you can stimulate your nipples to make that orgasm explosive. Arch your back, and rock back and forth as you let your hands wander. There are, it turns out, women who can orgasm from nipple stimulation. But, years later, I met another woman who said the same thing and, to my surprise, the assembled company seemed to back this theory up. Then ease into a gentle breast massage. You can do more than just play with your nipples! Use a light touch to circle your breasts and areola with large strokes. If any of these techniques pique your interest, talk to your partner: And, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, breast stimulation triggers the same part of the brain as clitoral stimulation. Exploring the rest of your breasts may help with arousal. Experiment with techniques, find out what makes you feel good, and just have fun! Nipple vibrators are a great, hands-free way to massage and stimulate your nipples, as well as feel sensations throughout your whole breast. Ramp up the pleasure by pinching your nipples. Well, any extra way of achieving orgasm is pretty nice, especially given that straight women have the least orgasms of any demographic. The harder the pinch, the better — but play around with pressure to find out what feels best to you. Your partner starts by slowly breathing warm air around and onto your nipple to stimulate the nerves. Breast orgasms are real for the avoidance of doubt, you feel the orgasm in your vagina, not your breasts.


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  1. There are so many ways your partner can lick your nipples. In between massaging and squeezing, trace your areola without touching your nipples.

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