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Getting into depth on how he grew up in a home with a step dad that was an alcoholic and a home filled with a family that practiced Espiritismo or Santeria black magic. Every day, I feel grateful to have reclaimed my Puerto Rican heritage and my authentic self. Not specifically in a chronological way, but as you remembered things which help me understand it easily. Always do the best you can for yourself and others around you and I am sure good things will follow.


Is there any way he can change and better himself? I hope to some day become a writer along with a visual artist and many other things. New Yorican Girl September 16, at 2: I wrote it for young people, just like you, hoping to inspire and embolden our Latino community. You are a very strong person and a good example for other people that are going through or went through the same as you, what makes you even stronger is that you were be able to get through all those traumatic situations without committing suicide because another person that could have been weak minded would have taken their own life. R has made me very humble. I am sorry about the rape. You are correct about me being very ambitious and competitive. I also grew up in the south bronx i was born and raised in East Tremont by Crontona Park, I know the troubles that people have especially as children growing up around such a negative enviorment. Although i have not yet been at that stage of my life some of the situations and emotions you felt i can also relate to. I am going there next month and will be delivering my petition to the Governor. Hey, you got to control your life after your mother passed, which was good, but R. You most importantly taught me that theres always light at the end of the tunnel. To be able to withstand all that you have gone through, whether on your own or with your family, it must have taken extraordinary strength. Julia Reply Damon M October 1, at It enticed me to try harder and not fall into the stereotype of my ethnicity. It felt as if I was part of your experience and shared the same feelings and emotions. Thank you for such a beautiful book. Pursue your dreams, make good choices and always stand tall as a Latina! I also appreciate you mentioning that how I decided to forgive my mother was the most loving and honorable thing I could do for myself and my family. It touched me to learn what you were going through growing up in the south bronx. I wanted to compliment you on not using drugs or alcohol and having a positive outlook towards everything despite the circumstances you were in. May all of your dreams come true! Each and every one of us has the potential to overcome the negative stereotypes about who we are and what our potential is. All the things you went through to preserve your cultural identity and take pride in it are just amazing. Julia Torres, I just finished reading newyoricangirl in my AP English class over the past week and I absolutely loved it.


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