Meg and brian have sex family guy

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Stewie references his cousin, Stewie Cruise , showing him jumping up and down on Oprah 's couch while shouting "I'm in love with Katie Holmes! He gets drunk there, defends Meg by insulting Connie D'Amico about her inevitable future, and the two make out. Brian is disgusted by it, although Peter points out that Brian himself is typically nude, and claims that everyone undresses in front of their dogs. The episode also acquired a 3. Meanwhile, Meg threatens to commit suicide because she does not have a date for her Junior Prom.

Meg and brian have sex family guy

Although Quagmire tells Meg that she will be alive to tell the story for a "long time," Meg reveals in a narration that she dies a year later from septic shock due to her body reacting to a frozen hot dog. Lois gets enraged at the news, and orders Brian to dump Meg. The meeting itself is a reference to the meeting with Deep Throat or to the film All the President's Men. Meanwhile, Peter casually starts taking his clothes off in front of Brian while talking to him about the Three Little Pigs as he sometimes prefers sleeping nude. Plot[ edit ] Mayor Adam West deploys the entire Quahog Police Department to Cartagena, Colombia to search for Elaine Wilder a fictional character from the film Romancing the Stone which he was watching , leaving Joe behind as he was not deployed due to his disability and the fact that parts of Cartagena aren't wheelchair-accessible with the police station's skeleton crew. At the show, they initially appear to wow the entire crowd with their performance, but, later, they realize that they lost. After Meg finds out, she confronts West, who says he and Meg should separate due to the negative press which will follow - because even though he's used to it, he does not want Meg's life to be ruined, stating how much he really cares about her. Brian calls the informant "Deep Throat," in a reference to the anonymous informant Deep Throat. They separate, with Mayor West telling Meg that even though he's leaving her, he'll always love her. Peter , Cleveland and Quagmire join the department to assist Joe. He then walks into his bedroom, where two of his one-night stands await with an array of sex toys , and it turns out that all of Quagmire's seemingly erotic antics were actually in preparation for this tryst. To help Meg, Quagmire gives her his copy of The Missing Piece to help give her a better perception of things, and sends her away feeling much better. Even her backup boy turned her down by shooting his little brother and having to attend his funeral. Too scared at what he has seen, Peter agrees to wear clothes at all times in front of Brian, having learnt his lesson the hard way. At Stewie's suggestion, Brian decides to shave all of his fur off to give Peter a taste of his own medicine. Cultural references[ edit ] The episode takes its title from a scene when an anonymous informant later revealed to be Kermit the Frog secretly meets Brian in an underground parking lot. Lois struggles to explain and says Meg does not know what she needs, and then Quagmire says in an erotic tone "I know what she needs Reception[ edit ] On August 5, , this episode was featured among a four-episode set of Family Guy on Fox , hosted by the stars of the film Superbad. After the dance, Meg begins to think Brian is her boyfriend, despite Brian saying he has no feelings for her and citing his already existing relationship with Jillian. Later on, Meg knocks Brian out, puts him in the trunk of his car and drives away. It is only watched by Stewie. I feel like Mike Pulaski: Seeing this as an ideal opportunity to take West down, Brian photographs the two together in romantic scenes and threatens to reveal them to the press. Meg develops an obsession with Brian, even baking him a pie and using her hair as one of the ingredients. Meanwhile, Peter and Lois decide to participate in a community talent show with a folk-singing act they did in the s. Production[ edit ] Kirker Butler wrote the episode.

Meg and brian have sex family guy

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  1. Lois gets enraged at the news, and orders Brian to dump Meg. PTC member and writer Joey Bozell commented, "It's becoming more and more obvious that these writers' missions is to provide the most offensive content they can imagine and in turn proves they don't have an ounce of respect for the families watching at home.

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