Marijuana growth and sex of plant

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Share These tips and tricks will make the identification process a breeze… As with most plants, animals, and other life forms within the plant and animal kingdom, marijuana is capable of having distinct genders. The stems and water leaves, for example, can be utilized for juicing and teas , and are said to be quite healthy for the body as they contain some important nutritional qualities. While both males and females possess the basic therapeutic benefits of cannabis, the benefits of growing females will always appeal much more to both growers and consumers alike. Female marijuana plants start showing one or two wispy white hairs where their buds are going to start forming.

Marijuana growth and sex of plant

Even excess amounts of rain can cause marijuana plants to become hermaphroditic, and in fact, over saturation is one of the leading causes of female and male crop failure among all levels of growers. To be fair, he had chosen an absolutely lovely spot for an indoor grow; a nice walk-in closet probably about 8 ft x 4 ft that was easily sealed off from all external light sources. The vegetative stage begins when the cannabis seed starts to sprout and grow, and lasts until about 6 weeks, at which point the plant will display signs of pre-flowering and will enter into the second flowering life stage. This is why the production of feminized seeds has become such a big thing, because instead of leaving it up to luck, you can be sure that the seeds you plant will end up being female. It is also possible to process down the male plant parts into material that can be used for therapeutic creams and lotions, since it does still contain a fair quantity of cannabinoids. This has been experimentally verified by some out-of-the-box thinkers. These hairs are called pistils and intended to catch pollen. If you do not feel inclined to produce anything with the male plants, the easiest option is to compost the remains. And then there are dioecious plants like cannabis, which produce either male or female reproductive organs. Using this method allows growers to save the time, resources, and space often required for traditional sexing methods. After the first 6 weeks, you will begin noticing little pre-flowers near the growth tips, and they will either appear slightly pointed at the ends, or more rounded. Removing males early on is important for two reasons: One ball is not definitive since female pistils sometimes split from a small single ball that opens. Once the clone is rooted, you would either flower the original plant or the clone and keep the other under 18hr or 24hr light indefinitely. Male flowers will contain balls somewhere between the size of a marijuana seed and a popcorn seed. It is the source of much needless worry for beginning growers. The first few weeks went absolutely perfectly, and he kept the seedlings in vegetative state for almost an entire month he was growing four plants total. Completed through a laboratory, this DNA-based plant sexing test is the most rapid, safe, accurate and efficient method for cannabis sexing. How to Determine Sex of a Marijuana Plant You can wait until your plants naturally show the first signs of their gender and then remove all the males, but that means you have to watch the plants closely. Getting clones of female marijuana plants or buying feminized seeds online from a seed bank are other ways you can ensure that all your marijuana plants are female. This can ultimately mean that you will be spending a lot of time, money and energy growing plants you do not even want, only to scrap half of them once they are at a point where their sex can be identified. While both of these varieties can release pollen and potentially fertilize an entire female crop, they differ in the way that they form and store the pollen. Trevor Hennings September 19, In the world of plants, reproduction can happen in a variety of ways. Sex Determination of a Cannabis Plant is One of the Most Important Things in Growing Like we said, this article is mainly aimed at those who will be growing cannabis plants from seeds that they pulled from their own nugs, or otherwise random seeds possibly even from hermaphrodite cannabis plants that they know are not feminized. Learn more about auto-flowering cannabis strains Marijuana plants have a gender:

Marijuana growth and sex of plant

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