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If not, the son will continue to bring shame to the father. On the motion to adjourn, Musa said his concern of national importance is about passport fraud. He claims that when he approached BTL on the concept, they signed an information exchange agreement, which is basically a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, where neither side is allowed to reveal the sensitive information being discussed among both parties.

Lighter leash walmart

However, no one from Guatemala showed up today. After the nominations the election was held on Thursday December 3rd after which Lidia Alpuche Blake was selected as the president. The problem that this has created is that now motorists have taken to speeding on this stretch of level road. Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse is not an elected minister and thus he was not on hand to respond to those allegations. The Governor General graciously received the credentials and welcomed the ambassadors to Belize. The Verdes FC got on the scoreboard when Jarret Davis scored the first of his two goals in the 25th minute of play to give his team a lead. KHMH has new union and new executive It went as quietly as the raise which they received at the end of October of this year and now the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital workers have a union complete with an executive to represent them. Belizean lawmen endure major discomfort at Hunting Caye In early October of last year there was a great hue and cry from a small quarter of noise makers who had taken up issue with the fact that a Coast Guard forward operating base under construction at the time on that island was being so done by a Guatemalan company. One may ask how will this be possible if Maduro still holds the Presidency. As such the Government of Belize is prepared to participate in a regional discussion to identify the necessary mechanisms to address the Cuban immigrants transiting through the region. While in court for an adjournment in the case, he was served by police with additional charges replacing at […] Belize named for laundering in another fraud scheme Belize has once again been named among jurisdictions where millions of dollars, obtained through a fraudulent pyramid scheme, was laundered. In the second and final game in the female championship, St. The Assembly further went to designation December 9 as International Anti —corruption […] Senate First Meet for Term — The first official sitting of the Senate under this new term of Government was held today within the chambers of the National Assembly. Police say during the search they found four black plastic bags containing 16 smaller bags of cannabis. Everyone at the house during the time of the search was arrested and charged for drug trafficking. It was clearly seen that the small drone, came from the Guatemala side of the border while the five boats slowly made its way to the […] Operating Base at Hunting Caye Near Completion While the Forward Operating Base at Sarstoon will take about three months to be completed, the base at Hunting Caye is near completion. Back in last month on 24th November, she declared that she will run to fill that vacant position as Party Leader. The 54 year old takes over the department at a time when Belize is reeked by contraband activity. Saldivar was accompanied by a number of dignitaries to the ground breaking site. Delphina Terry is the grandmother of three young children. It is estimated that there is about 1. That presumption is based on the equidistance principle. Petros Panayotopolous, Ambassador of Greece; H. Sugar season on its way The Sugar Season has begun right on time after 2 consecutive late starts, which had cost the industry millions of dollars in earnings due to in-fighting among the principals. The United Democratic Party Government then stepped in and through the use of Petro Caribe Funds the three miles which pass through the town were repaired and paved making it a joy to drive on. If one can recall the issue was widely debated on the media and even on social media.

Lighter leash walmart

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  1. The top scorer for St. Recinos will take over the seat from former controller Emil Grinage who has reached the retirement age and will be in charge of over employees.

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