Journal of sex research issue 19

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Such engagement would be an important way of developing our research. This points to the need for further research to clarify how media professionals perceive their role and judge their own products, as well as how young people relate to and interpret the messages presented. The sexual adaptation of women treated for endometrial cancer. We also recorded a series of programmes that fell outside the Social, Political and Individual Contexts.

Journal of sex research issue 19

He assumes she is referring to sex, but she actually means that they should be talking more, getting to know one another. In , the self-regulating Teenage Magazine Arbitration Panel TMAP was launched, bringing together government representatives, teenage magazine editors and sexual health professionals. The preponderance of female titles in our sample reflects the lack of magazines aimed at younger teenage boys. Whilst girls and young women were cautioned about engaging in sex before they were ready and were presented with strategies to keep overeager boyfriends at bay, young men were offered no such scripts. This involves considering the whole circuit of mass communication and engaging with the factors which influence how media personnel work Miller et al. If you want to have sex some time in the future, that's fine with me and if you don't, that's fine with me too. As well as working to provide innovation in the media, there is potential for developing work with media consumers to help access, analyse and evaluate media content. For example, the notion that young women are responsible for patrolling sexual encounters and contraception counteracts work in sexual health promotion, which encourages both parties to take equal responsibility for their actions. Knowledge about the effects of ovarian cancer on sexual functioning was lacking, with few health care professionals being aware of the problems that can occur. It was invariably young male, rather than female, characters who were portrayed at the initiators of sexual encounters. Like all research techniques, content analysis suffers from certain limitations, one of which relates to the need for coders to interpret meaning. Be careful though—don't be an April fool and let him go too far! However, the message in frOnt, aimed at male readers, was somewhat different. Studies in other gynecologic cancers show that sexual activity is affected and that communication about this topic is poor. Within our sample male homosexuality was most likely to be portrayed as a source of embarrassment or target of teasing and lesbianism was completely invisible. Such engagement would be an important way of developing our research. It is against this background that we conducted our study to explore the types of messages that media outlets consumed by young people are offering, and the implications these might have for sexual health and sexual health promotion. Well, I don't know. For some women, sex never occurred again, and the effects on their self-esteem and relationship were devastating. Results This paper is concerned with the type of messages offered to young people. TV teen drama, magazine editorial, newspaper feature. Several magazines included information about contraception, although the majority of these items were short news pieces or passing references 14 out of Because ours was a relatively small study, one person was responsible for devising the coding scheme, collecting and analysing all the data. So, for example, in our analysis of teen dramas we included kissing between characters with a discernible romantic interest, but not between friends or relatives. Some women felt uncomfortable discussing sex, but they felt that the benefits would outweigh any embarrassment. Do you really think we are ready for this? The condition affected women's sexual desire and raised fears about sexual activity for example, fear of recurrence and relationship concerns for example, fear of rejection.

Journal of sex research issue 19

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  1. A third strategy might be to promote media literacy. Psychosexual dysfunction in women with gynaecological cancer following radical pelvic surgery.

  2. So, for example, in our analysis of teen dramas we included kissing between characters with a discernible romantic interest, but not between friends or relatives. Interviews were audiotaped, transcribed verbatim, and analyzed using grounded theory methods, starting after the first interview.

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