Jo marchant cure review

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For people with MS in particular and autoimmune diseases in general, there are a few particular take-aways in this book: Chronic pain of unclear physical cause is the clearest example that one could ask for of complex, perplexing, mind-body medicine, and our common solution — of doping sufferers with powerful narcotics and sedative anticonvulsants, could well be, in my opinion, the next medical scandal. As a science journalist and former editor at New Scientist, the author is uncompromising in her commitment to the scientific method and the necessity of rigorous trials to determine the efficacy of medical treatment. The point here is not that doctors should be tricking everyone who is ill, just to make them feel good.

Jo marchant cure review

The evolving science explored in Cure is intriguing and trailblazing, and Marchant's account of its pursuit is often gripping. Guided stoic meditations by don MacDonald, mindfulness and TM, all invaluable tools to me. And I begin to think: She also comments on where evidence of the effectiveness of an alternative medical treatment is strong, but where the medical system fails to pay attention, often due in large part to opposition by the powerful interests of drug and medical technology companies. Part of the problem is we're drawn to dichotomies. Note that this book deals a lot with the powers of the placebo effect. There was a problem adding your email address. Below is a video on Snow World: We now know that our nervous system and our immune system talk to each other. Posted on March 21, by Jules Evans Cure: We see this, for example, in the case of a Parkinson's patient who, brain scans demonstrate, gets the same improvement in the response of her motor neurons from her placebo that she does from the drug used in her treatment. I credited this nurse for my survival. This is pretty much the attitude Marchant conveys at the book's opening also, which inclined me to feel comfortable in joining her on a tour of mind-focused health remedies. Chapter Eight looks at how stress is bad for our immune systems and even ages us, and how growing up in poor, rough neighbourhoods affects our bodies. Chapter Eight looks at how stress is bad for our immune systems and even ages us, and how growing up in poor, rough neighbourhoods affects our bodies. I have in mind a patient I saw last Monday morning. Those with higher HRVs are apparently better able to adapt and respond to adverse events. Details of nervous system and immune system function all fit together nicely, as presented, and I felt very briefly quite at home with things like the amygdala and the parasympathetic nervous system. Do they only affect our perception of the symptoms we experience or can they shift things at the cellular level too? But Marchant is level-headed, always with one foot planted in the worlds of science and reason. The second half of the book moves beyond the immediate effects of thoughts and beliefs to look at how our state of mind shapes disease risk throughout our lives. Marchant also looks at the ground-breaking research of Kevin Tracey into Vagal Nerve Stimulation , using implanted electric nerve stimulators which are controlled via iPad. Stress is apparently connected to our imaginations too — we remember past adverse events and expect them in the future, so our bodies are stuck in defense mode. She references, too briefly, the epidemic occurring in the US of prescriptions for the powerful narcotic, oxycodone , for non-specific pain, then seems to stop just when I wanted her to go much further. They did significantly better than those who received no treatment. A significant element related to this question is the placebo effect.

Jo marchant cure review

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