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Numerous other presents await their arrival at Llangefni. Wefl, I've spoken to practically all the principal Labour men in Swansea, and they hare asked me to deposit ail my avail- able specie co a bet that be will. A deputation on behalf of the Swansda Welsh Society, and headed by Mr.


Supplied through the pest oaij br MRS. Thus, the 6th Welsh Battalion, being the survivor of all the infantry corps of Swan sea, it is appropriate that the gift of colours should come from the ladies of the town, many of whom have had fathers, husbands, brothers, cousins, or sweethearts connected with the different- corps. Davies Incidentally, it is rather dis- turbing to find chemistry figuring so promin- ently in connection with baking. Mond the lie direct. Guy Thomas, sifiver tea set; Mr. Scarfe, silver fish carvers; Miss K. The case was adourmd to enable the appii- cant to call further evidence as to the cause of death. OoDStderafoie doubt about it, D. Davies, Bishop- stem, flowers. Buckland; three houses, Knoll-avenue. Edmund Tucker; 19 houses, Sketty-road, for Mr. There is nothing to equal them. His Worship the Mayor is asking the ladies of Swansea for subscriptions for this purpose, and we are sure that many will heartily respond. Thomas, , Hamilton- terrace, was married to Mr. Morgan said 95 of the returns of phthisis we: The Mayor said it was a questio-n how far the regulations said they must furnish a man's house. The deceased was employed on the night shift, and it was contended that when Wcjlking to the entrance of the tunnel on T the 16th of February he fell over a preei- pice and was killed His Honour said that there must be legaJ proof cf the accident, for the deceased might. Belle Harrison Cardiff came in a. Anting out of the report of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, Mr. Beynon for many years, and previously was kept by his wife's mother. He leaves a widow who is a sister of the late Mrs. Bat they would observe that those speeches had been delivered within the stately precincts of the Liberal Club, where the seating accommodation waa limit- ed, and COOL ntly where the audiences were composed of the elite of the Liberal party. The Chairman said that that question had already been deferred. Very general regret will be felt, especially in Welsh and scholastic circles at Swansea, at the death, which took place on Tuesday morning, of -Air. A pretty picture hat of white chip and large pink roses completed her toilette. Causes of failure given were "bad trade through the stoppage of copper works, and through the incon- venience from sewerage works, Taibach, county court costs, and want of capital.


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  1. He supported the amendment particularly because it gave dkcretion- ary power in the selection to the medical offi- cer.

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