In maine offender registered sex

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The registry must include the following information on each registrant: Only the bureau is authorized to maintain a sex offender registry on the Internet for purposes of public access as described in subsection 9. Sexually violent predator directory. No sex offender, convicted of a Class A, B or C felony sex offense against a person who had not attained 14 years of age at the time of the offense, regardless of whether the offense was committed in the State of Maine or another jurisdiction, may temporarily or permanently reside, live or dwell within the foot setback of any restricted property.

In maine offender registered sex

A law enforcement agency may maintain its own sex offender website and may make that information available for use by the public if: Applications and bureau decisions, including any documents made part of those decisions, pursuant to section A. The information on the website is updated by the law enforcement agency as frequently as available resources permit, but no less than every 7 days. The bureau may not disseminate in electronic form information about a registrant that is created, collected or maintained in electronic form by or for the bureau, except as made available to the public through the bureau's Internet website pursuant to subsection 9 and made available to the Background Check Center established pursuant to Title 22, chapter ; and [, c. The website provides a link to the bureau's Internet sex offender registry under subsection 1; [, c. Public access to information. Place of employment and college or school being attended, if applicable, and the corresponding address and location; [, c. Sexually violent predator directory. Registry information created, collected or maintained by the bureau, including, but not limited to, information relating to the identity of persons accessing the registry, is confidential, except the following are public records: Information provided to the public pursuant to subsection 9; and [, c. Notwithstanding that certain persons convicted of sex offenses or sexually violent offenses are required to register with the state, the City finds that further protective measures are necessary and warranted to safeguard places where children congregate. The law enforcement agency shall also prominently post on the website the date and time of the most recent update to the website. Distribution of information to department and law enforcement agencies. For purposes of this subsection, "criminal justice agency" has the same meaning as in Title 16, section , subsection 4. Registrant access to information. Such restricted properties include i the real property comprising a public or private elementary, middle or secondary school; and ii the real property comprising a municipally owned property or State-owned property that is leased to a nonprofit organization for purposes of a park, athletic field or recreation facility that is open to the public where children are the primary users. In summary, the city promotes and strives to create a safe environment for its citizens to live and raise families and considers the promotion of the safety and welfare of children to be of paramount importance. The bureau shall establish and maintain a registry of persons required to register pursuant to this subchapter. The website contains information regarding only registrants who are domiciled, reside, attend college or school or work within the posting law enforcement agency's jurisdiction; and [, c. The registry must include the following information on each registrant: Law enforcement agency website. The bureau shall develop a standardized registration form to be made available to the appropriate reporting authorities and persons required to register. The bureau shall develop and mail a nonforwardable verification form to the last reported mailing address of each person required to meet the verification requirements of this chapter. A photograph and set of fingerprints; [, c. The bureau shall provide information to the public as follows. The Revisor's Office cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of Maine law to the public. Offense history; [, c.

In maine offender registered sex

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  1. The purpose of the ordinance is to provide such further protective measures, while balancing the interests and residential needs of sex offenders.

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