I want to have sex on my period

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When you're under the flow of the water, that other flow becomes a lot less noticeable. The biggest downside to having sex during your period is the mess. That doesn't mean you should skip the foreplay entirely. Sometimes, diaphragms can be felt during sex, and removal can be messy.

I want to have sex on my period

Not only is this less messy from the get-go, it's a change of pace, too. Method Staying Clean and Healthy 1 Use contraception. Natural lubrication You can put away the KY during your period. Do you need to use protection? Not everybody enjoys period sex, so it's best not to initiate sex during your period and deliver an awkward surprise to your partner and a potentially frustrating response to you. Avoid wearing regular menstrual cups during penetration. Another worry about having sex during your period is the risk of spreading a sexually transmitted infection STI like HIV or hepatitis. Or, have sex in the shower or bath to avoid the mess entirely. However, they are generally easy to use because your gynecologist will provide a diaphragm fit exactly to your cervical measurements. If you are sexually active while you have your period, just remember to take all the precautions against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that would you would at any other time of the month. Instead, talk it over and find out what your partner thinks about the situation before you get started. Also consider that sperm can stay alive in your body for up to seven days. The muscle contractions of the orgasm actually drive out everything faster as opposed to making it magically disappear. But what's more, it's good for your period. It might relieve your headache About half of women with migraine headaches get them during their periods. Thank u for explaining this to me! Anxiety over making a mess can take some or all of the fun out of sex. You may feel awkward when you first start, but your mind will be taken off the matter in minutes. You don't want your menstrual fluid combined with everything else to soak into your sheets and mattress, so while you're having sex, place some towels beneath you and some tissues to your side. Using condoms every time you have sex can reduce your risk of spreading or catching an STI. Shorter periods Having sex may make your periods shorter. If you know that days are lighter than days 1 and 2, just keep your panties on for those 48 hours. It's a rush that wipes away all those aches and floods our feel-good receptors in our brains. For instance, some women report that they feel more sexual when they are on their period because they feel that the likelihood of a pregnancy resulting from intercourse is decreased though remember, getting pregnant is still possible, even when you are on your period! If both of you enjoy it and you inevitably will , why the fuss?

I want to have sex on my period

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  1. Plus, engaging in sexual activity occupies your mind, which may help take it off your menstrual discomfort.

  2. They are shaped like a diaphragm, are very flexible, and available at most drugstores. If it doesn't bother your partner and they're totally down for day 1 sex, evaluate your concerns.

  3. Tips on having sex during your period Here are a few tips to make period sex a more comfortable and less messy experience: Blood acts as a natural lubricant.

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