I want my cake and eat it too

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You need to cut your husband loose so he can find someone who loves him and is faithful. If you can't do that, there is no decent thing to do other than to let go entirely. If everybody agrees, then you might be able to have an open marriage. That's a sign you're not growing past the mentality of a child, who hasn't yet learned to deal with personal loss, or only deals with it by rejecting it as impossible. If your husband already knows and accepts that you have a boyfriend, what's stopping you from continuing as you are or going forward as a poly relationship?

I want my cake and eat it too

There's just no easy choice. We all juggle a lot and keeping all the plates in the air is a fine skill -- fun if you really master the art -- a daily challenge -- but fun, nonetheless! Time alone should clarify which one you want to be with. People aren't pets, so you can never 'keep' them; loving someone and keeping them by your side have pretty much nothing to do with each other-- ask any parent. Why on earth can you not do what you love, be with who you want to be, create the hobbies and interests that you want to cultivate, build the life that is your optimal existence. Not sure why he's not kicking me out of the house. If you continue to value your own comfort above your boyfriend's stated desires, then you're admitting that you don't really love him and only love how he makes you feel, which is not the same. Tell your husband what you have been doing and why and see the response. Never met anyone before who I finally felt I 'fit in' with. FWIW I am a poly queer woman with a wife and a much loved girlfriend. Follow me, share, retweet, repost and like: Even with my friends, I don't 'fit in'. Here's what I recommend: This changes the analysis. Maybe you could have approached this in a better way, and you should seriously look at your unwillingness to communicate with your partner, but when it comes to this situation that ship has sailed. What do I do???? The thought of him with another man crushes me quite hypocritical of me, no? No, not really - cause I'm not having a physical relationship with my husband. If you're not hurting others, and what you want is not at someone else's expense, you deserve to pursue all that makes you happy. Or accepts that you've done it, but expects that now you've confessed and it's over? And sure, have sex too. I don't know why you stayed married under those circumstances, but quite frankly, it isn't natural. If not now, then when? Then see where things go with the boyfriend I do not not not agree with you asking your boyfriend to accept that you stay married to your husband because he deserves more than that considering what you share together.

I want my cake and eat it too

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