How to tell if you are being manipulated

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Healthy love is fun, easy, joyful, open, relaxed, active and quiet. Healthy love is relationship-based, manipulation is agenda-based. For love to exist there has to be space for each partner to think rationally about the relationship. Manipulators also give their partners intermittent periods of love and compliments to get them to stick around.

How to tell if you are being manipulated

They will not hesitate to push their insecurities on you, because they want you to feel sorry for them. Usually, two people make compromises in relationships, so that each person can get what they want an equal amount of the time, keyword being equal. This type of love is communicative, supportive and nurturing. However, all the promises are empty, and it's not in your best interests to get back with them out of fear. Moth to a flame They will appear very attractive. In healthy relationships, nothing is withheld. If someone is manipulating you at work, it's probably because they see your skills and they want to look like they're even more skilled than you. They blame you whether they feel sad, angry, depressed, unworthy, or any other negative emotion. It's a way of being conditioned, and the victim gets biologically addicted to the emotional push and pull. Their reaction is so powerful it can make the victim feel as though they must be in the wrong, which means they start altering their behaviour to make their controlling partner happy. When this happens in romantic relationships, the victim is effectively a prisoner in their own life, not being allowed to do anything or even think on their own terms. Wherever there is consistent confusion there can be no resolution, and therefore no love. Perspecticide You may live in fear. He or she wants to tear you apart from the inside out, so that you become weaker, while they become stronger. It is not about having control or power over our partner. These moments are given when the partner has "behaved" or has done something right. Knowing the right words to deal with these people can give you the strength to stand up to them or walk away. When two people love and respect each other, physical touch is their playground. The manipulator deliberately creates an imbalance of power, and exploits the victim to serve his or her agenda. Their entire existence depends on stealing energy from people in order to survive. Shutterstock Everybody falls out sometimes, especially in romantic relationships. Monitoring Manipulative people always have an eye on their victim. Manipulators lie, make things up that never happened, but say things in such a convincing way and with such conviction, that their victims end up believing it is the truth. It becomes a bashing session over the smallest of oversights, not allowing their partner any room for human error. In fact, exploiting the norms and expectations of reciprocity is one of the most common forms of manipulation, says Jay Olson, a doctoral researcher studying manipulation at McGill University.

How to tell if you are being manipulated

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  1. In a relationship, they want other people to know that someone as great as you has chosen to be with them.

  2. Manipulators focus only on what they cannot stand about their partner, and each time an infraction occurs it creates a nuclear war.

  3. Unhealthy love is based in manipulation, the avoidance of vulnerability, and is largely skewed towards meeting the agenda of only one partner.

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