How to sex a monkey

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The few cases of heterospecific mating in distant species occurred between animals that were bred and maintained in captivity. Interspecies sexual behaviour between a male Japanese macaque and female sika deer. Male chihuahuas are perfectly capable of impregnating large dogs like German Sheperds , given the opportunity i. Sign up to receive our email newsletter and never miss an update!

How to sex a monkey

Bonobos practically build their peaceful and matriarchal society on the exchange of sexual favors. But at least they were both birds. There are so, so many ways in which consenting adults can conspire to get freaky without making babies. Meanwhile, the vulnerable young females avoid rejection from—or worse, violent and dangerous intercourse with—males of their own kind. Only one scientific study has reported this phenomenon, describing sexual harassment of king penguins by an Antarctic fur seal. There are gay creatures all over the animal kingdom. By Rachel Feltman posted Dec 18th, at 3: Animals like dogs that are domesticated or otherwise raised in captivity have a tendency to get a little weirder in their sexual tendencies, simply because they've got access to a strange variety of other animals and a lot less to lose—it's not like they're going to lose access to food or companionship by expressing their stranger proclivities. Although this phenomenon may be explained as copulation learning, this is highly unlikely. After seeing one instance of the behavior in , her group saw five individuals participating while recording data for the new study. But such dalliances generally get less common the less closely related a pair of animals are. Or even something—dogs are known to hump legs, sofas and furniture. However, most of these occurrences were observed in phylogenetically close species and were mainly discussed in terms of their effect on fitness, hybridization and species survival. This is the first article to report mating behaviour between a male Japanese macaque Macaca fuscata yakui and female sika deer Cervus nippon yakushimae on Yakushima Island, Japan. They think it could be the start of a new social trend, with young macaques females—who are known to mount one another in a sexual fashion—gradually picking up the idea that sika stags can provide release. A study on the sexual interactions of a chicken, and a pigeon, for example, notes how strange it is that animals from different orders would behave in such a way. Scientists even caught brown bears engaging in oral sex. Sometimes aggression is to blame. The researchers observed 13 successful consortships, and all but one involved adult male deer one involved an immature male. Whatever the cause for this event may be, the observation of highly unusual animal behaviour may be a key to understanding the evolution of heterospecific mating behaviour in the animal kingdom. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. So future observations could tell us if this group specific oddity is just a short-lived fad—which can happen—or the beginning of something else. Not only do Japanese macaques like to ride deer! Antarctic fur seals have picked up the habit of trying to mate with king penguins , an animal they would more often just kill and eat upon meeting. The aforementioned terrible sea otters, for example, are incredibly violent and undiscerning when it comes to copulating with their own species, which makes it less shocking that they sometimes attack animals they clearly have no intention of producing offspring with. Interspecies sexuality is more common in species that are similar to one another because it makes more sense; these animals are more likely to get confused, or to see the qualities they naturally seek in a mate showcased rather inconveniently in the member of another species. This male seems to belong to a group of peripheral males.

How to sex a monkey

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