Handwriting analysis loops

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Long viscous lower loop: Letter G in Handwriting. Activities oriented to service, kindness, self-denial.

Handwriting analysis loops

Look for it between letters at the end of a word, and especially in i dots and t crosses that are made with speed. Every letter takes up space, too. Lower loop towards the left with open curve and concave base: Difficulty for sexual surrender, emotional independence, difficulty to preserve the couple, stopped impulse, deviates libido to other interests. Sublimation of libido towards intellectual activities. Shyness or selfishness that does not allow expressing affection, unconfessed desire of having sexual adventures. Search for selfish pleasure Example Long viscous lower loop: Surrenders without condition, spontaneous contact. Along with them, we find a wide variety of combinations that are produced in the affection area and sexual desire. The middle zone has thirteen single zone letters, the five vowels, a. Pushes libido to other areas. This is a good start, and, if the other traits bear up well under your scrutiny, a welcome addition to any office force or gang crew. You may need to use your magnifying glass to be sure you are looking at thread. As Type I thins out the individual stroke, Type 2 thins down the letters in a word. The letter "f" is the only trizonal letter in the alphabet. Maladjustment for sexuality, avoids affection responsibilities, selfishness, covered aggression, greed. You will learn to recognize each type of form and how to interpret its use within the writing. Enjoys normal libido, controlled drive, persistence and stability of drive, vitality, sexual strength within normal parameters. The most common form of connective between letters is the cup shape of the garland, curved at the bottom and open at the top. Connections In American schools, writing is usually first learned by using the manuscript printed form. If he pushed all the letters to the right, he's ambitious and eager for the job. Disconnected from the next letter: Sublimates instincts, repression, little virility, libido interrupted by shyness or health problems. Sexual abstinence that may be due to lack of opportunities. Does not enjoy softness, opposition, resentment in instincts, frigidity for fear to the couple, to sin of unpleasant experiences.

Handwriting analysis loops

Sexual recoil that may desire into violence, spectrum, repulsion to instinct. Discrepancy viscous lower loop: Grains scripted to tiresome, kindness, all-denial. Time to reckon without sciences, libido that cases normally. Portico 6 Language visualization from lower process:.

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  1. Almost all other signs are compared to it. Some letters extend into the upper area of the writing and are referred to as upper-zone letters:

  2. If the curve is too open: For Carl Jung, it is the totality of the psychological energy.

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