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If you don't want to be found on Facebook, consider deactivating your account. Update on September 28, at 4: Likes are no longer everything.

Go back to facebook page

Get rid of these annoying app messages by clicking on the small X on the right side of the message in the notifications box. If you're careful to stay off Facebook, though, eventually your deletion will go through. On top of that, it will show you photos of a few of your friends, declaring that each of them "will miss you. Maybe it can be again. For the media outlets that spent years racking up millions of Facebook "likes" and creating new Pages, that's bad news. The attackers were then able to pivot from that access token to other accounts, performing the same actions and obtaining further access tokens. You can flip this setting so that no one will see your name next to these potential ads in the future. By tapping on the query or the search key you'll be taken to a new screen returning any and all posts Facebook deems relevant. As of right now, the feature is slowly rolling out to both iPhone and desktop users only. It's not obvious so the easiest way to find out is to click the quick help icon question mark on the upper right. Problems downloading or installing the app? If you're concerned that a prospective employer or date will look you up on Facebook and find embarrassing information or photos, logging out won't change that either. Get Rid of the Sidebar The Facebook homepage has gotten increasingly crowded over the years. Conversation wasn't completely lost on Facebook. You can even sync recipes and ingredients with your Allrecipes. After that it says if you truly want to delete your account with no possibility of recovery, "log into your account and let us know. Getty Images Facebook 's come in for a lot of criticism lately, and one of the biggest is that it collects a massive amount of personal information on each of its users and uses that information for its ad targeting. After that, even though deactivation is completely reversible, Facebook will ask you if you're really sure. Log Out of Facebook Remotely Nervous that you accidentally left your Facebook account logged in on a public computer? Ensuring that old posts are only viewable to you or to certain friends still requires fine-tuning on individual messages and photos. Not everyone wants to comment though. You can change your mind and reactivate your account at any time, and everything will be right where you left it. The search process in Facebook's iOS app. Now you can get early access to the next version of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester. Second, if you're concerned about all the data Facebook is holding onto about you Add to Wishlist Install Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever. Zuckerberg's putting his faith back in the users themselves.

Go back to facebook page

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  1. If you're careful to stay off Facebook, though, eventually your deletion will go through.

  2. It lists the places people are logged into Facebook with a one-click option to log out of them all.

  3. If you don't want Facebook keeping your data, and you're sure you won't be back, go all the way and delete your account.

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