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In Europe, TerraCaching is supported by Terracaching. Within three days, the cache had been found twice, first by Mike Teague. The finding geocachers record their exploits in the logbook and online, but then must return the cache to the same coordinates so that other geocachers may find it.


Many of them also accept unique listings of caches for their site, but these listings tend to be less popular than the international sites, although occasionally the regional sites may have more caches than the international sites. Ted Kuppinger said, "It's difficult because you're invested in it you want to find something like that so people will probably try to push themselves more than they should but you need to be prudent about what you're capable of doing. The council was formed in following community concerns over the condition of the Lower Vasse River and Geographe Bay. View caches on a live map Google Maps or OpenStreet Maps , navigation using a compass, map, or other applications, logging finds online and offline, etc. They are listed exclusively at Opencaching. Extraterrestrial geocaches[ edit ] Groundspeak allows extraterrestrial caches, e. Higher-value items are occasionally included in geocaches as a reward for the First to Find called "FTF" , or in locations which are harder to reach. Simple caches that are placed near a roadside are often called "drive-bys", "park 'n grabs" PNGs , or "cache and dash". Terrain must also be rated on the same scale, with 1 being the most accessible flat ground, and 5 involving specialist equipment such as SCUBA or rock climbing gear. As a result, geocachers are strongly advised to label their geocaches where possible, so that they are not mistaken for a harmful object if discovered by non-geocachers. The service closed on 14 August Geocachers must select the difficulty star rating from a scale between 1 and 5 stars, increasing in half a star increments, where 1 is the easiest and 5 is the most difficult. All submissions are reviewed and approved. Now, you can record the tracking number while at the cache the bug is in picture with cell phone is common then on its page log that you discovered it. Geocaches may also be complex, involving lengthy searches, significant travel, or use of specialist equipment such as SCUBA diving , kayaking , or abseiling. Free membership allows users access to coordinates, descriptions, and logs for some caches; for a fee, users are allowed additional search tools, the ability to download large amounts of cache information onto their gps at once, instant email notifications about new caches, and access to premium-member-only caches. The finder records the location using their GPS receiver and often takes a picture at the location showing the named object and his or her GPS receiver. Paperless geocaching means hunting a geocache without a physical printout of the cache description. It is increasingly attracting members who like the point system. Traditionally, this means that the seeker has an electronic means of viewing the cache information in the field, such as pre-downloading the information to a PDA or other electronic device. Although they felt they were safe and were able to return to land, they were considered to be in danger and were airlifted back to the shore. They're notified of every place it stops and can view any pictures the cacher who moved it might have added. They spotted the driver still trapped inside, and alerted the emergency services who effected a rescue. One man is still missing as of 11 June , presumed dead as well. The tracking tags come from Geocaching. Caches were approved by a community process and coordinates were available without an account.


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  1. Caches were approved by a community process and coordinates were available without an account.

  2. It has worked with the community, natural resource management groups, industry and government on catchment land use practices to deliver water quality improvements to local waterways.

  3. A while ago the ability was added to "discover" Travel Bugs. A Multi-cache consists of multiple discoveries of one or more intermediate points containing the coordinates for the next stage; the final stage contains the log book.

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