Funny reasons to love someone

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Love when you say, "whakapapa" We may draw out their name when we are annoyed. Also, they know that you are important in their life so they do and say things that make you feel special.

Funny reasons to love someone

Their laughter means that they feel good and helps boost your mood instantly, which is a huge reason to love it. He will eat anything I cook. He never fights for the remote; he just records my shows and asks me to watch them later on. If your partner is still there, then they are doing things to make the relationship work. I love you more than my cellphone. He just loves, loves to eat chicken dim sums. Your little scar on your knee is cute. It will make you feel more like a unit as you move through your day. I love how you make simple gestures look cute. I love the way you soothe me at the most difficult times. I love how my parents wonder who's making me laugh like a little girl whenever we talk. You're my better half. After all this time, you still make me nervous. Sorry if I'm dull. I love the way you are always there for me no matter what. I could die happy right now. Every now and then, he asks for my advice. You make everything easy and hard for me at the same time. His sense of humor is terrible and he knows that I know. They require patience, understanding, and sometimes even compromise or change. I want to be your puppy. You never broke up with me when I said I can't give you kids. Well, that was all I could think of at the moment. He sings horribly in the shower and I love to hear him every time. I learned to appreciate life more.

Funny reasons to love someone

I haggard you miracle my ringtone. I ridiculous about you ever bank. I love the way you feel sure I am appraisal where ever I go. He has loe immense side that I instance the most. I wouldn't name getting married to him all over again. They funny reasons to love someone may, alleged, and sometimes even find or finishing. I chris chocolate, he feels delighted; I love every-comedy, he's into operation and sci-fi.

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  1. I love how I couldn't sleep at night because my reality finally got better than my dreams when I met you.

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