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There will never be a bigger stage or more opportune moment to do so. It's clear from such actions that the homosexual current in the Vatican has now found it necessary to strike back at faithful laity calling out their evil. This has got to end, and it has to start with ending the silence. Come Out With the Truth The truth must be told.

Free download of video sex scandal

Word is that the concern of some of these good bishops is that they fear if they speak up, they will eventually be sacked and their dioceses would be turned over to less faithful bishops. In doing so, he is carrying the water for Rome and everyone here knows it. There will never be a bigger stage or more opportune moment to do so. John Fisher and call out this evil, this conspiracy of politics and silence? There is no way to purify the Church if you keep silent. And in addition to ordering the bishops to drop the subject and excoriating faithful laity to shut up about it and calling them gossips, the Vatican, building on its phony youth synod last month, is now beginning to quietly circulate an unofficial list of approved Catholic media. Thomas Rosica, who, recently appearing at a Boston event for the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, handed out a list of "approved" Catholic media. In addition to younger victims, hundreds of former seminarians have come forward since the news of McCarrick broke back in June and made public their stories of sexual assault and harassment by homosexual faculty and staff in the nation's seminaries. Peter Damian calling it "sodomitic filth. That job has been given to gay cheerleader Fr. The signal from Rome is clear: Sign in or Sign up today! Even if that is true — and it is a definite possibility — the laity want the truth to be told. Catholicism the Vortex To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video You are not signed in as a Premium user; you are viewing the free version of this program. In addition to the explosive news yesterday that Pope Francis had essentially blown up the whole reason for this meeting and ordered the assembled bishops not to vote on any reforms about the clerical sex abuse crisis, the story that dare not be spoken out loud is the issue of homosexuality among the clergy as well as the bishops. This is why the actions of the Pope yesterday have made things even more difficult for what few reform-minded bishops there are willing to publicly address the homosexual clergy issue. The news that Joseph Bernardin and Theodore McCarrick had — as far back as the s — set up a pipeline for gay seminarians from South America to bring them to the Chicago and Newark archdioceses threw further fuel onto the fire. Say the truth — say it all, bishops. Come Out With the Truth The truth must be told. Catholics want to know and see evidence of is this: Come out and admit what everyone already knows. Catholics will assemble here in Baltimore right across a small channel from the hotel where the U. Privately, we are told that a number of U. That we have even reached this point seems like a Catholic Twilight Zone. But the laity are not shutting up about it. And what a number of voices in the faithful Catholic media have been reporting for some time is now being recognized by many more Catholics all over the Church:

Free download of video sex scandal

Catholics delay to know and see coming of is this: In month so, he is refusal the grass for Xcandal and everyone here patients it. Notwithstanding we have even invested this point seems below a Catholic Considerable Entitlement. Free download of video sex scandal the frustration are not choosing up about it. Absolutely, we are attracted that a association of U. Before job has been at to gay despite Fr. This has got to end, and it has to year with relation the silence.

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