Filipina fiancee visa service

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This is a worth while quest and can result in a very happy union with your long sought Soul Mate One that would be next to impossible for most people with out the Internet. The process of acquiring a Philippines fiancee visa or the K1 visa is not difficult if you know the immigration laws of the United States. This package also comes with a guaranty that your petition will be approved and that your foreigner fiance e will get the K 1 visa at the soonest possible time. We pride ourselves in being fast, efficient and accurate in completing all documents required by the government for the quick and smooth filing of the petition. But to most people, the process is complicated and full of pitfalls.

Filipina fiancee visa service

These are not easy documents to assemble in just a short period of time, but with the help of EasyFianceVisa. A Filipina, or any foreign national, must first acquire a fiancee visa. The exams are administered on a first come first served basis. From us, you can avail all our services at low and flat fee. A death certificate of a former spouse will also serve as conclusive evidence of this. Having a visa is the key to the migration process. Our youngest son, Adam, is currently in college and planning to study law someday too and then join the family business with his brother. He must also prove that any previous marriage by either of them is truly over and that their love story is real and not just fabricated to fraudulently acquire a visa for the foreign national. We can help you gather accurate and complete documentation for your K1 visa petition. You will need the services of a trusted professional like EasyFianceVisa. So he has to produce plane tickets, hotel accommodation receipts, photographs, and others. We were both students at The Ohio State University. These two plans are guaranteed and risk free. The General contact information for St Luke,s Hospital is: We have extensive experience in visa processing work and can reduce your wait time considerably and make everything simple and easy for you. Call us now at and let us help you start your married life with your beloved fiancee in the soonest possible time. The process can be complicated and difficult to accomplish. This is what most Americans, who fall in love with foreign nationals find out, after studying ways to bring their fiancee here in the United States. He must meet all financial requirements. This is easier done with the help of experts who are experienced in the marriage-based immigration system. Several documents have to be submitted in order for one to qualify for a K-1 visa. Engaged to a Foreigner? We will help you in each and every step ranging from paperwork to the US Embassy interview. However, it is really very challenging and long procedure to obtain it on-time. With very reasonable prices, our service packages are especially designed to help different types of people find the best solution to their visa needs, according to their preference and budget. That is why you will need the superior services of EasyFianceVisa.

Filipina fiancee visa service

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  1. There must also be evidence that they have seen each other face to face at least once in the last two years.

  2. Therefore, these professionals can assist you to file your petition without any costly mistakes. The General contact information for St Luke,s Hospital is:

  3. When filing for a petition for a K1 visa, certain requirements have to be met. I met my Filipino wife while in college.

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