Effects of silent treatment in marriage

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But we all deserve to be shown respect, and we deserve to have our needs communicated without fear of repercussion. The demanding wife, for example, will say she is constantly approaching her husband because he is so withdrawn, while the withdrawn husband will say he's closed off because she is constantly nagging him and making demands for a change in the relationship, says Schrodt. This is known as psychological or emotional abuse.

Effects of silent treatment in marriage

Big on empty promises, he initially sweeps you off your feet in a whirlwind romance. If I start crying and screaming he will call me a psychopath or schizophrenic. The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse that nobody deserves to go through. Even worse, it's a very difficult habit to break because each partner sees the other's behavior as the start of a fight. Ostracism can serve the regulatory goal of allowing people to conserve resources. Every message, telephone call or text you send, is met with utter contempt. Silence is not the answer to your problems! Why Social Pain Can Live on: It will never end well and may prove to be an extremely costly lesson. Get yourself out of the house and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that you are not putting your life on hold because he is feeling sorry for himself. Those who go through the silent treatment experience increased depression, stress, and tend to hide things from their spouses. As professor of human development at Cornell University , he created The Legacy Project in , devoted to seeking practical advice from thousands of older Americans. Associate professor and the lead author of the study, Kristin Sommer and co-author Juran Yoon said: It is a very common marriage problem. Finally, if your partner is simply having a prolonged period of sulking, then the best thing to do is to keep yourself busy. Your Relationship is Dysfunctional It is perfectly normal for couples to argue and there is nothing wrong with debating differences in a constructive manner. If he genuinely has a fear of confrontation, then you may be able to help him discover positive methods for resolving conflict. One thing that couples tend to do is to blame the other person for the situation, which will in no way help resolve the conflict. This leads to a pattern where one person is always trying to please the other person in order to avoid getting the silent treatment. In doing so, your partner is attempting to induce feelings of powerlessness and shame. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. If you give your partner the silent treatment instead, all you would be able to think about in the days to come is your hair, and how much your partner does not like it. However, over a period of time, it escalates until it becomes a normal part of your relationship. If you see any warning signs that your partner has any narcissistic tendencies, then you should do yourself a favour and get out as soon as possible. Not talking to a spouse or not talking to a loved one about what is bothering you will only perpetuate problems. An author of the paper, Charles B. He is not interested in any thoughts or opinions you may have and spends all of his time talking about himself.

Effects of silent treatment in marriage

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  1. Most reasonable people would probably not even consider a 9 hour car journey, if they were not speaking to their partner.

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