Edison chen sex scandel picture

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Gossip The photos actually were stolen a long time ago. The first time Edison's photo got released was the result of a hacker. Let's just say that after getting hold of the whole set of pics including some high resolution ones , we found it hard to believe that the pics were doctored. A crackdown began in neighbouring Guangdong province on the manufacturing, selling and spreading the CD-ROMs of the celebrity photos, [53] which sold "like hotcakes" in Shenzhen. And if you're wondering why Edison's speaking in English, he's Canadian That, unfortunately, may have come too little, too late.

Edison chen sex scandel picture

At first Kira talked to Edison, asking for 5 million HK dollars, but was not agreed upon. Read the conspiracy theory from Hades translated by Labyrinth after the jump. So finally a female friend agreed to undertake the task of posting onto the Internet. I would like to apologize to all the ladies and to all their families for any harm or hurt that they have been feeling The photographs, which appear to show Chung naked in bed with male star Edison Chen, and suggestive images purportedly of around half a dozen other celebrities, including actress Cecilia Cheung, were recently posted online, provoking blanket tabloid coverage in the celebrity-mad former British colony. When his friends saw the material, they were astonished and lobbied him to post to the Internet. Since that day Kira has been raising his price every day. It reportedly classified Michelangelo 's " David " as "indecent" by adhering rigidly to a definition. According to an informed source close to the person who was the source of the photographs, several months ago Edison Chen sent his pink Apple Powerbook laptop to a Central computer shop for repairs. Gillian Chung was the first starlet to make a public appearance. History[ edit ] Elite Multimedia, the shop at the centre of the allegations In November , Chen purchased a pink PowerBook personal computer, a photograph of which he published on his blog. Too bad he was too much of a faggot to point out this fact. An Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong questioned whether an amended charge of "Publishing an Indecent Article" applied to photographs uploaded onto the Internet. Beijing, Feb 12, The curtain has dropped: EEG denounced the person who released it. Because it was a used as a bargaining chip for extortion. So far, she has been keeping a low profile over the scandal. Furthermore, to completely rid the images from your computer If we can embrace them with wider arms, they will learn from their mistakes. Having said there were only six participants, the police explained the appearance of a seventh, saying that her photographs had been erroneously grouped with one of the other females. Edison took a private car to Shenzhen, then to Macau, took a private plane from his dad's friend to the United States, and look for Vincy Yeung to help his cause. After the scandal erupted, she had spoken to the media in tears saying she would not be so stupid to allow any other man to take nude pictures of her. Edison Chen, as posted to his blog [24] After the exposure of the eighth photograph, Chen quietly left Hong Kong and flew to Boston. From tomorrow, there's a lot more entertainers going to entertain us, and the danger is over. The first time Edison's photo got released was the result of a hacker.

Edison chen sex scandel picture

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