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The completed run of necks for our first project, the Junior G-Man. It made me start thinking about the supply-chain issues with my project. I got very little sleep, but I got everyone their instruments quickly. This guitar had an exceptionally balanced and useful set of tones. I run a very small operation, though.


I allowed the company to send me a sample based on one of my designs and was quite pleased with it when it arrived. Around the time I was looking to ramp things up a major American guitar manufacturer was cited for having a warehouse full of endangered hardwood. Traditionally this kind of guitar has used a pickup mounted via a ring and the height was determined by screws pushing against springs. I contacted a Chinese musical instrument manufacturer about getting hardwood blanks for the construction of my instruments and found out that there are jobs programs in place that incentivize the export of machined lumber products over the export of unshaped hardwood. Raising the money for a minimum order requires a lot of juggling and I felt that this might be a viable way to reward supporters with inexpensive access to instruments, while expanding the line of offerings at the same time. The two-pickup Junior G-Man. This guitar had an exceptionally balanced and useful set of tones. Our approach to construction is kind of an odd one, but it has a history. To accommodate the second pickup I used one of those holes for a 3-way pickup selector toggle and the other hole for a Master Volume control. Last year the Christmas rush was much better than I expected. For years I'd had an idea about building a Junior with a hard-mounted humbucker, which ended up being the first project Fool Audio Research took on. So with small adjustments of the single knob the jobs of both a Tone and Volume control can be accomplished. Dangling a pickup by springs wasn't a problem at those volumes. Questions about this project? Expanding to a new model takes a considerable amount of time. It was minimalist, but the pickups balanced out so well that I felt like no other controls were really necessary. I got very little sleep, but I got everyone their instruments quickly. Around the same time I read an article about a Chinese construction project to build a series of dams and how a lot of hardwood was being cleared to make room for the construction. So that was the inspiration for the D. I bring the shipment home, sand them, dye them, assemble them and if the customer wants any specific upgrades or modifications I complete those before shipping the instrument off to its new owner. Players began stuffing foam around their pickups to keep them from picking up strange kinds of feedback from the springs. Our first product, the Junior G-Man, with its hard-mounted pickup. At some juncture I would like to start winding my own pickups that could offer competitive sound quality at a much lower price, since even the nicest pickups are really just a few dollars worth of magnets, wire and plastic. The Junior G-Man body had been routed for two knobs; normally a Volume and Tone knob for a single-pickup configuration. The completed run of necks for our first project, the Junior G-Man. Then of course the time it takes to assemble, finish and install electronics can be an issue when I have quite a few orders at once.


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  1. I had my supplier machine a sample body and neck and was quite pleased with the result.

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