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Special production and mechanical effects supervisor John Stears said they crafted a bigger monster but only used the tentacle as Lucas decided to combine the original, bigger dianoga encounter with the trash compactor scene. Here are eight things you might not know about dianogas, both in-universe and behind the scenes: It pulled the young farmboy under the murky, polluted water, but was scared away when the compactor walls activated. Music initially played a part in the dianoga sequence, but George Lucas decided to eliminate the score.


A dianoga puppet used for second unit filming at ILM recently went on the auction block. Their flesh was used in the making of dianoga pie , and their spleens could be processed to make Dianogan tea , a beverage notably favored by Admiral Pors Tonith. But it did get worse for Luke. The dianoga on the Death Star was a female named Omi, captured from her home and brought to the Death Star. Their bodies would become transparent when unfed, and, conversely, were known to change to reflect the color of the food they had eaten. Despite this, they could prove useful, since they served to rid waste of biological material, leaving behind salvageable minerals and metals. As it turns out, dianogas could indeed be cooked and served to humans. Dianogas are a delicious delicacy. The original Kenner toy for the Death Star playset included a Dianoga in its trash compactor. Mark Hamill makes some good dianoga jokes. Here are eight things you might not know about dianogas, both in-universe and behind the scenes: One dianoga was known to have boarded the first Death Star , and made its home in one of the space station's garbage compactors. Let us know in the comments below! Edit A dianoga's fanged maw Dianoga originated on the planet Vodran —discovered by the Hutts prior to the formation of the Galactic Republic —where the creatures evolved a form of natural camouflage to disguise themselves and avoid the planet's large predators. Aliens, a chef turns a dianoga into a breakfast dish. In the final film, director George Lucas was reportedly less than impressed with the delivered dianoga effect, having envisioned something bigger and more ominous. During her first attempt at escaping her new home, Omi killed a couple of stormtroopers and was eventually moved from her enclosed space into the trash compactor, where she memorized the routine of the closing walls and found a safe place to hide. The sneaky dianoga attacked and almost pulled the Tatooine farm boy under the murky liquid in the Death Star garbage masher. What do you think of the dianoga? It was accompanied by details on the materials used in construction: The original puppet had hand-punched hair. The soft rubber form resembled a green, mutant shark with an eye stalk protruding from its nose and its fins ending with tentacles. The iconic head was added in the eleventh hour. Meat from the upper back of dianogas are apparently flavorful but have to be cooked carefully as to not activate the blood parasites in the fatty tissue. Ring modulation usually sounds sort of robotic; a ring modulator takes two signals and multiples them to create two new frequencies. Lucas scaled down the part the dianoga would play.


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  1. Up to twenty-five residents were reported to have been attacked by the scavengers, and it was believed the creatures would quickly spread to neighboring districts.

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