Delete lendingtree account

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I will tell friends and family to go to Lending???? Calls are still coming through at the rate of per day and night since I am also receiving those way past 10pm. Because they never would let me and I really need it to catch up on some doctor bills and to get my 4 grandkids their Christmas. They don't seem to monitor the officers they send your way.

Delete lendingtree account

Now I spoke to a supervisor and was informed that all these hard pulls would be deleted except for one if I did not shop around for a car loan in 14 days - hopefully this manager is right. I was a bit freaked out. You start keying the area code and the three numbers transpose themselves so the first number you want will probably end up in the middle instead of at the beginning. Email Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! June 27, Don't believe the screen that says "This won't affect your credit". One of these companies has called me 8 times from 8 separate numbers in 3 days! I just bought a house, and got a bunch of these. I call LendingTree in a panic, get a polite man who transfers me to a manger when I ask. So, I responded to them, getting the representative on the phone who had initially contacted me. Not quite as frequently as they once did of course. I'm also hoping that I will not have to pay a down payment for the car loan either. She was going through the mail and saw one of these mailers and thought that I had forgotten to pay the mortgage, and said she was ready to kill me as she was opening it. Called only one officer back. If they had somewhere on this form that my credit was going to be pulled and maybe many many times never would I have agreed. Two weeks after I moved in I started receiving calls and mailers offering to refinance. Wish I'd paid attention to the reviews. They don't seem to monitor the officers they send your way. We value your privacy. This company knows full well that they are misleading people, but they just don't care. So, ok, maybe this is how they check for pre-approvals do you want to start shooting yet? We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. Yes, they are still coming. I am blocking them as they stream in, and my number is on the national do-not-call list, but new numbers pop-up every day. I refuse to do business with anybody who is going to lie to me right off the bat! Not even 2 minutes later, the calls and emails started. When I stop sobbing maybe I'll contact someone about that, but if they haven't done it so far I doubt there is any point. Shortly after I fill in the form I received an alert that my credit was pulled.

Delete lendingtree account

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  1. While it appears that LendingTree has a little bit of work to do, it does seem like they are out to create a better product for all. I am blocking them as they stream in, and my number is on the national do-not-call list, but new numbers pop-up every day.

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