Daughter of a narcissistic father

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Childhood psychological abuse as harmful as sexual or physical abuse. The thing about children of narcissists is that they learn to fend for themselves early on, to strategically navigate a psychological war zone. Children of narcissists are conditioned to become givers by their parents and they grow up with the belief that no one is there for them anyway. Gestures that contradict spoken words?

Daughter of a narcissistic father

We trust in the monsters disguised as saviors far more easily than we do those who offer us a stable version of love. Standard License via Shutterstock. Daughters of any type of narcissistic parent are used to being criticized at every turn and subjected to moving goal posts that make pleasing their parents impossible. What does it mean to have someone believe in us and support us without a hidden agenda? Many children of narcissists tend to get into one-sided friendships or relationships where they get drained by the other person without getting any benefits in return. Get real with yourself about which dreams are yours and which ones are derived from the expectations of your narcissistic father. Despite it all, we are magnanimous with our love. He may have trampled upon your dreams, your goals and aspirations, especially if they were not ones he wanted to see you achieving. It can also be a protective barrier against predators who are drawn to our empathy and resilience. The children of narcissists are taught that they live in a frightening world — one where love is rarely unconditional. Maybe you really are deserving of a healthy relationship, like your counselor told you. It is no surprise that narcissistic parents exploit the accomplishments of their children only to bolster their own egos; anything the narcissistic father praised about you, he tended to do in the presence of a witness. We have to do a LOT of emotional house-cleaning to detach from these toxic relationships once we reach adulthood. As a result, we tend to defend our freedom whenever we feel it might be challenged and can withdraw when things get too intense. Did you abandon your dream of becoming a professional dancer just because your narcissistic father pushed you to go to law school? We deeply desire commitment, but we also fear it like the plague. Do not allow your independence to deprive you of the love and affection you deserve and give freely to others, especially to those who are undeserving of your time, energy and efforts. Start recalling the compliments others have given you and instead of dismissing them; begin to integrate them into your own self-perception. Dangerous people represent the same challenges that we underwent in early childhood, so to our subconscious, they ironically feel a lot less frightening. Release the idea that you have to be perfect in order to be good enough. The hypercriticism and denigration of the narcissistic father has long-lasting effects. You have a right to be cherished, loved, seen and heard just like any other imperfect human being in this world. We are hyper-attuned — to everything. Did you go to medical school just to please your toxic parent, even though your heart, mind, body and soul ached to be a musician or artist? Some of us may even have a habit of settling just for the sake of settling down; long-term relationships can provide an odd sense of comfort to someone who has always felt alienated, especially by their own flesh and blood. Yet in private, he may have been controlling and abusive towards you. Children of narcissists are conditioned to become givers by their parents and they grow up with the belief that no one is there for them anyway.

Daughter of a narcissistic father

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