Cyd charisse death

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But Kelly can create an entire number for somebody else You were as nice as you were beautiful and talented. Charisse was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday after suffering an apparent heart attack, said her publicist, Gene Schwam. In , Charisse recalled her reaction on entering the movies:

Cyd charisse death

You will always be one of my favorite people. Astaire paid tribute to Charisse in his autobiography, calling her "beautiful dynamite" and writing: Cyd was supposedly unavailable but later played the role on the legit stage. Charisse continued with dramatic films, several of them made in Europe. During a family vacation in Los Angeles when she was 12, her parents enrolled her in ballet classes at a school in Hollywood. Grew up in the Texas dust-bowl town of Amarillo. Her Baptist jeweler father Ernest, a closet balletomane, encouraged her to begin her ballet lessons for health reasons. She had a supporting role in Something's Got to Give , the last, unfinished film of Marilyn Monroe. She appeared in dramatic films, but her fame came from the Technicolor musicals of the s and s. It was not as demanding on me. First started taking lessons at the encouragement of her father, Ernest. It was a box office disappointment. Is one of several, if not only, world renowned prima ballerinas to be featured in a popular hip-hop music video. Appeared with Ricardo Montalban in six films: She often worked on television and on stage through the s, and she appeared in advertisements for Coppertone tanning lotion, General tires, Lustre-Creme shampoo, and Lux toilet soap. The censors were always there when I was on the set. They married in Paris in She had studied with him for a time in Los Angeles. Born Tula Finklea, her younger brother was unable as a toddler to pronounce "sister," and called her "Syd" instead. Charisse was a ballerina in Ziegfeld Follies produced in and released in , dancing with Fred Astaire. But it's like comparing apples and oranges. They both wanted perfection, even though they were completely different personalities. So how could I be a movie star? Initially, he could not say sister and called her Sid. Rest in peace, beautiful woman. Charisse was finally a star, but as musicals faded she became more an actress than a dancer. It's the World Series of show business.

Cyd charisse death

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  1. In , after a fling with playboy Howard Hughes , she married then-superstar singer Tony Martin , and in the s and '70s she and Martin had a popular nightclub act. In fact, there aren't that many stars.

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