Comedic poems

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Whitman once made a hospital his home. Or make yourself at home in my postbellum, Reconstruction face— my gray eyes, my rebel ears, all my ducks in the row of a defeated mouth. In fact, inject giraffes into your poems.

Comedic poems

Check out this and other funny poems in Stowaways. What makes for a successfully humorous poem? Three be the things I shall have till I die: Here are some of the best funny poems about life, love, and everything in between. Hit the comments to share yours! One flips through the newspaper, another whistles while he shaves in the shower, and every single one of them wonders what time I am coming home. Two things that are tricky enough on their own and as I am currently demonstrating ridiculously difficult to combine. One changes the baby, and one sleeps in a fat chair. Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt. Even urban ducklings deserve a home. Who needs a bridge or dam? That was the old landscape. Go here to find out more , or click the image below: Whitman once made a hospital his home. You must not face the music with your face. This has become a popular comic poem, but its origins appear to have been in tragedy: Posted by interestingliterature Are these the greatest funny poems? Continue to explore the world of comic poetry with these classic limericks. I can almost taste the tail of the snake in its own mouth, Read the rest here or check out The Art of Drowning. A Selection of Humorous Verse , which we heartily recommend for a good laugh. If I had had twins, I would have tucked them under my arms like footballs or small perfect hand-grenades aimed at my breasts: Take me home, Mr. I have made them up—all of them— and when I say I am married, it means I married all of them, a whole neighborhood of past loves. You must not duck the bullet using ducks. In fact, inject giraffes into your poems.

Comedic poems

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