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For this reason, all VAM sporty versions of the Hornet were made using the two-door sedan as the base, like its AMC counterparts. The only difference was the presence of the rear five-mile-per-hour bumper and the rear license plate was relocated to the center of the rear panel over the gas filler. The front seat controls were revised with a new knob placed to the outer side of each seat back, new "mushroom"-shaped armrests with a central horizontal bright molding, new side panels with simulated stitches and a steering wheel design similar to the previous one but incorporating three false spokes per arm instead of the smooth soft surface.


This engine was carried over with a 7. However, during the mid-year, the compression ratio was lowered even more to 7. This also meant manual units incorporated a safety lock lever in their steering column ignition switch shared with American Rally model. The parking brake pedal received a new smaller rubber pad. New interior colors, side armrest and side panel designs were available. New full-rubber bumper guards became available alongside the already existing metal ones with rubber strips. With the arrival of the new Hornet-based models for , the package was continued and improved, containing not just more regular production accessories but also all-new exclusive ones. The two-tone dashboard was replaced by a color-keyed unit with a new "American" emblem on the glove box door and a standard fuel economy gauge. Factory options consisted of a heating system with windshield defroster, power drum brakes, power steering, bright molding package, protective side moldings, parcel shelf, courtesy lights separate or in-shelf , luxury wheel covers, sports steering wheel, custom steering wheel, passenger's side remote mirror, remote-controlled driver's side remote mirror, bright panel between taillights, and metal bumper guards with rubber edges. The automobile product standards in Mexico were less restrictive than in the U. Two-door sedans with the manual transmissions now featured a floor-mounted gearshift with low-back fold-down individual seats, while models with automatic transmissions retained the bench seat with split folding backs and a column-mounted shifter. All featured a front sway bar as standard equipment. Other features included a black two-spoke sports steering wheel with a central bullseye emblem, wide reclining individual front seats, floor-mounted Hurst Performance shifter T three-speed manual transmission with locking mechanism connected to the steering wheel ignition switch, full bright molding package including rear panel overlay between the tail lights and two courtesy lights. The greatest change was the creation of the new luxury American ECD trim level followed by a revised and improved American Rally and American base models, which helped to distance the line further from the Gremlin. A new "American" emblem with different typography was applied to glove box door. The difference in size and engine series between the Rambler American and the Gremlin was not enough for VAM to create the impression of a more solid and more importantly a diverse product line since both cars were perceived as belonging to the same economy level, which would also mean the creation of internal competition. The two-point seatbelts were replaced by fixed three-point units on both sedan models. The foreign built cars incorporated numerous components and parts that were produced by local manufacturers to gain tax or tariff preferences. The "" rear quarter panel emblems were replaced by new "4. The cars in all versions obtained substantial updates and upgrades. The special "Hornet AMX" was only available in four exterior colors [49] that included matching painted bumpers with a wraparound rubber guard strip, body side rubber guard strip and contrasting AMX model identification bodyside decals ahead of the rear wheels. The hatchback was also missing as the line already had three body styles in production, which was the top allowed by legislation at the time. The seats and door panels were slightly modified from the last year. The name was simplified from Rambler American to just American, marking the discontinuation of the Rambler brand in Mexico. Wagons included three-point retractable units as factory issue. The model was shifted from the economy to the mid-segment, as an all-new generation introduced for


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