Best homemade catfish bait

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Add some peeled garlic to the mixture. Chew the gum for a few minutes first. Soak them in fish oil for a few minutes so that they get a more pungent odor. Enjoy these deadly catfish baits!

Best homemade catfish bait

Beyond its ability to attract large catfish, bubble gum is preferred by the anglers who use it because it firmly stays on the hook. The French fry bait was likely devised from the "all I have is my lunch' moment", but anglers swear by it. Add milk or beer to get it to the right consistency. SPAM is fantastic bait for large blue, channel and flathead catfish. Enjoy these deadly catfish baits! Mix it up in a blender or food processor, put a bit on the end of your hook, and hold on! If it thickens up too much, spray with WD and mix it again. Shape the bait into 1 inch balls with your hands and place them in a plastic container. Grab small chunks about 1-inch thick , and put into light netting or pantyhose to hold it together. Non-chunk dog food requires a little more work but it is also successful in attracting fish. Chicken skin can also be used as a wrap around pieces of chicken livers. Preparation H can be added to almost any bait. There are plenty of blue, channel and flathead catfish that would enjoy it. Dry dog food works well for chumming, too. On occasion, we run out of the tried-and-true favorites and must resort to whatever is available. Catfish Bait Recipe 1: Soak them in fish oil for a few minutes so that they get a more pungent odor. In fact, anglers who prefer this bait often say their best catches are near waterfront fast food restaurants where the fish are conditioned to hunt for fries. Mix it well so that it can be molded into small balls. The secret is adding flavorful alcohol to bait marinades like these tested examples: Chunk soap into 1-inch pieces and thread onto your hook. I've run into anglers who have turned to all kinds of odd items on a whim for bait like KFC's potato wedges, cooked turkey tails, freezer-burned salmon roe chunks, Starburst, moldy Swiss cheese, chicken drumsticks, scented candles, Big John's baked beans, stale blueberry glazed doughnuts, Slim Jim's, goldfish and jelly beans. Some anglers prefer to let the shrimp bask in the sun for five days in order to gain extra scent. This means that if bait is enticing enough, they will not discriminate. When you ask him for advice, he always gives a polite reply like, "it's just my lucky day" or "the fish just like me". Many grocery stores are happy to part with their spoiled shrimp if you ask tell them it is for bait. Shrimp or small prawns are a favorite catfish bait.

Best homemade catfish bait

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