Best country couple songs

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Share on Facebook Country music has an abundance of songs about falling in love and hoping it lasts. Let us know in the comments section below! Travis' timeless classic is our pick for the best lasting love song of all time.

Best country couple songs

This love song is from the Interstate 8 album and features a duet that immediately transports the listener back to simpler times. With a tickle of the ivories and honest lyrics, Ben tells the tale of finding your soulmate, and fate leading you to love. The inspiration was his wife, Annie, who is the envy of everyone who listens to this heartfelt folk tune. Did we miss your favorite country love song? It will forever be remembered as the boom box ballad. Apparently, he penned it while she was getting ready for a party. It's optimistic, fun and upbeat, despite the fact that everyone in Fleetwood Mac was having relationship issues at the time. Prince of Thieves soundtrack, but it is also featured on the Waking Up the Neighbors album. From traditional classics to more contemporary fare, and covering the gamut from happy and upbeat to more reflective and introspective, The Boot counts down the Top 10 Country Love Songs. Everyone wants to hear their sweetheart utter these words: Listening to this poignant indie tune leaves you with a dull ache in your chest and a lump in your throat. It was almost left on the editing room floor, but ended up winning an Academy Award and a Grammy. It's realistic, relatable and down-to-earth, which makes it the perfect wedding dance tune. Travis' timeless classic is our pick for the best lasting love song of all time. Hearts melt when Steve Perry's golden chords belt out: It went straight to the top of the charts and garnered a Grammy Award nomination. This melody about pure and simple devotion was released as the B-side on Take Me to the Pilot. Breaking Dawn-Part 1 soundtrack. As the chorus goes: It also features her husband, Jay-Z, who adds a touch of rap to the mix. The lyrics are full of imagery and tell the autobiographical tale of a young woman falling in love with an older man. Released in , this chart-topper is still a staple at weddings today. Covering their dating years through their life raising three daughters, and even their temporary separation, "Remember When" carries the couple into the future with a promise to cherish all memories, both good and bad. It is featured on their album Led Zeppelin II, and it still stands the test of time. The tune has its fair share of catchy rock beats, soulful vocals and unabashed bragging about her lover being "better than all the rest.

Best country couple songs

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